Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I looked into the mirror and i was like WTF! First thing that came across my mind is that I need to cancel my date tmr. I can't go out with my eyes sore like this extend. Its too serious. omg. But my date is too important to be miss. What should i do? oh damn.

Its all ur fault. U know who u are. Asking me to watch this movie. Making me cry for 2 hours. I even have to force myself to eat junk just to divert my concentration towards those touching moments u know! Arrgh.

Yes, besides having to watch the movie u introduced to me.... at the same time u have to send me sms telling me not to emo after receiving her msg. HELLO!!! i really feel like smacking u do u know that? ( ok, ignore this whole paragraph ppl coz its for someone who definately know who she is )