Sunday, December 6, 2009

3 days of hardwork plus fun.

no more movies in cinema for the past few days. sad sad. Not to worry, next few movies i'm gonna catch would be Princess and the Frog, Storm Riders2 and also Alvin and the Chipmunks. So, what was i busy with anyway? WORK!

i was called to replace one of my friend to go work for Maxis on Friday morning. OMG. i was still sleeping soundly at that time but both my house phone and handphone was ringing like non-stop. I didnt want to pick up any of it at first but in the end, i had no choice. Yeah, it was kinda emergency thingy which i have to decide like right at the moment. Ok la, in the end i said yes coz its not that i have any plans to do during that day.

Friday, job scope was easy. Simple. Most importantly..... SHADE! omg...... Everyone working there was really friendly and nice. I'm starting to miss them now. LOL.

Saturday, ( i do not wish to remember.... ) terrible! We had to work at the 'JOM HEBOH' carnival organized by TV3. For 8 longs hours standing under the hot bright sun! damn torturing i'm telling u. All of us got sun burnt!! right now my face and body still feeling burnt. ARRGH! I had the intention to quit by the end of the night but changed my mind after receiving one sms. *wink*

Sunday, was expecting a bad day too considering the experience we had the day b4. But quite surprisingly, IT WASNT THAT BAD! yeah, although the day was like 5 times hotter compared to the day b4....perhaps is because 6 of us got to promote together at one spot instead of having all of us running at different location. We had our great time being workaholic as a group. How we put in our best effort in acheiving the goal of the day. When we did, its so touching right guys?

Funny to say, around evening there is a HEAVY downpour.

DSC00928 - Copy

We were given raincoat each and then, all of us cramp under one 'small umbrella tent'. This was the best part of the day. We played so many games while waiting for the rain to stop. (secretly, we didnt pray for it) LOL! Even stand under the rain for a picture. But sorry to say, the photo not with me. How bout a pic of some crew member whom i working with!?

Image238 - Copy

hmm, might be still working next week. Hopefully no plans to go for any carnival events! *yawns* i'm so sleepy right now. Time for bed. Last comment, my head scalp is HOT RED NOW! damn wtf. And in less then 12 hours time.... i'm going a vacation to Port Dickson! Let me have some good rest first k? Night peeps.