Saturday, March 27, 2010


Just came back from an awesome movie with Adeline and Kheng! (After our dim sum this morning with Ben. He didnt join us coz he want to continue with his beauty sleep. LOL~)



I love this movie! I mean this cartoon its not like some fairy tale story plot where u have pretty princess and handsome prince... hahaha. The graphic was nice i would say. And i cant imagine how cute can a dragon be!! omgggg...... Adeline say the Night Fury reminds her about Stitch. Arrgh, i have a Stitch at home too. I kinda abandon it aside for quite some times adi la.... I think i going to take it out from the cupboard and put it on my bedside. Good? hahaha...

I really like how they decided to end this cartoon. Its not perfect because Hiccup lost his leg but its a sweet and warm one having to see both dragons and Vikings get along with each other after so many generations. A worthwhile sacrifice. I dun mind watching it twice weihh!

*yawns* my turn to get some rest.


What hanging am i talking about? Well, i just hanged my clothes last night. That's one of it. But not the one i'm going to talk about now. Hahaha.. Its almost half past 2 in the morning now. I just got back hanging out with a bunch of friends. Brussels @ JayaOne. Honestly, its been a long time since i hang out there. Its so damn near where i'm staying at PJ but i hardly 'yamcha' around that area adi. (I am seriously busy with my assignments u know.... lol...)

Ok, its just a Friday night where u're not suppose to be staying at home facing the walls of ur room but go out chill with ur friends la. Got a text from Ling asking me happy hour at PJ. So, less than 2 hours back in Subang.... i headed back to PJ. omg...... Stuck in the jam for........ i dun wanna recall how long. =.= But its a great night. Had fun catching up with Ling, Adeline, Ting, Ollie, Benedict, Leon and the last person that joined us just now, Sean. =p

Somehow, i just love my day.

In the afternoon went shopping with my girls. OMG! Its been a freaking long time. I cant remember when was the last time we went shopping weihh..... Finally we did it again! Loving u guys more and more. I really miss hanging out with u all laaaaaaaa........



And i still cannot stop thinking bout that PEARL queen weihhhh.... oh, this is about the lady we saw at Old Town Signature today. OMFG. She is damn hilarious but i dunno how to describe it here. U have to seeeeeeee urself weih.. (I hope she doesn't read my blog)


Shit. I'm hungry. Oh no! I'm going get my post done and sleep. NO SUPPER SHIN YEEN!


Here u go! Latest photo of the 4 of us. Muaxx!!

oh YA! How can i forget to mention this. I went movie with Amelia, Sian & PohCheng last Sunday! First movie ever since..... hmmph~

Anyway, I kinda like this movie - Alice In Wonderland.


Maybe because i didnt put high expectation on it la. Most of the comments i heard before watching it was JUST average. So, guess not putting any hope on any movie might actually helped. U will enjoy the movie by the end of the day. Hahahaha...

Alright. I'm going to do SOMETHING then have a good night rest. Sweet dreams my dears.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


What a Saturday night i had. Just came back from a board-game session at mcD. Shocking right? BOARD GAME! To be more specific, Monopoly. omg... ever heard of this game before? Its impossible for someone to NOT know about this game. Actually is kinda a random plan since few of us are extremely bored. U should see Ollie keep saying WHAT TO DO WEIH for the whole night. Hahaha... In the end, we decided on this!


Ever since.... i cant remember but definitely more than few years i didnt touch this board. Ting said i used to play it every week when i was in form 1 or 2 ( ur joking right Ting? ). I totally cant remember i had such exciting activity when i was young. But hey! Who say this game was out of date? So not. We had so much fun playing it and was later joined by the rest. ( u guys know who la, i lazy name all here ) hahaha.... 10 of us that aged around 22.... sitting around a small table concentrating hard on the game weihh. Anyway, i had a great time with u guys. Next week another board game? LOL! See you ppl around.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pictures to sum it all.

I'm back at Subang. Ita a Saturday night but surprisingly i'm at home. Not going anywhere besides chatting online and picking some pictures to post up here. Home alone right now with my mp3 player accompany me only. Sigh.........

So, as i've said. I'm just gonna post pics up this time around.

During the workshop last week!





Learned alot during the 2 days workshop.




Made new friends.



Realized something that i never thought i would.


Great team!





Enjoyed myself with all of them.


-well, this suppose to be the organizing team with lecturer and Dr.G. No idea why there is an extra feller at the back. LOL!

Zouk party on Thurs night!

- i really like this pic ♥ -


- yenny , bee & me -

- cheers -

- baby bee -

- darling -

- my ahBu @ rachel -

- fei - omg, ur face damn red!

- xn - berlagak...... cheh~

- yong soon & xn -


- xoxo -

- jie ying in yellow -


- arrgh. Nice shot -

- muaxx -

- lets party again ppl! lol -

Red-Box with my dear classmates!





- didnt know redbox lunch improved -

- ah hua, why ur ss pics all over the camera? OMG -

- assignments due. no worries right? LOL! -

p.s. : Loving all of u guys around me. Tmr meeting up with Ming Sze and Amelia. Hope Sian can make it too!!! Yay~

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coping with my routine

My life, nothing much to talk about lately. Been so busy with my exams and assignments until today, i finally get the feel of having nothing to do. That's not really a good sign actually since the fact that i'm having TONS of assignments still piling up the stack..... *sigh*

Haven't been going anywhere besides some yam-cha sessions with friends. Managed to squeeze some time out to celebrate my ahPa @ Holim's 22nd birthday.


Sorry that i cant make it to the dinner that day. Hope u enjoyed the celebration to the max. Love u always pa! *wink*

Family photo Take ONE!


Family photo Take TWO!!


I guess i need to fill in a HUGE blank in Rachel's fb photo album. Everyone seems to be wondering where is that PARTICULAR-most-attracting photo. Here, i finally got it and decided to post it up for the benefits & entertainment of everyone who knows them......


Hahahahahahahahaha............ (our ahPa & ahBu!) Aren't u feeling thankful to have a child like me? Owh, so sweet~ Wish u guys the best k? LOL~ (fyi, the relationship of them - just significant in this family and for this family of ours only)

Will update once i have some interesting events happen around me k? I'm praying.

Time to rest. Night peeps. xoxo~