Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coping with my routine

My life, nothing much to talk about lately. Been so busy with my exams and assignments until today, i finally get the feel of having nothing to do. That's not really a good sign actually since the fact that i'm having TONS of assignments still piling up the stack..... *sigh*

Haven't been going anywhere besides some yam-cha sessions with friends. Managed to squeeze some time out to celebrate my ahPa @ Holim's 22nd birthday.


Sorry that i cant make it to the dinner that day. Hope u enjoyed the celebration to the max. Love u always pa! *wink*

Family photo Take ONE!


Family photo Take TWO!!


I guess i need to fill in a HUGE blank in Rachel's fb photo album. Everyone seems to be wondering where is that PARTICULAR-most-attracting photo. Here, i finally got it and decided to post it up for the benefits & entertainment of everyone who knows them......


Hahahahahahahahaha............ (our ahPa & ahBu!) Aren't u feeling thankful to have a child like me? Owh, so sweet~ Wish u guys the best k? LOL~ (fyi, the relationship of them - just significant in this family and for this family of ours only)

Will update once i have some interesting events happen around me k? I'm praying.

Time to rest. Night peeps. xoxo~


yen Ho said...

yes!!!!!!!!!!!!finally dis pic is published!!!!!!!! thx shinyeen!!!!! XD

purple_star_88 said...

hahahaha. Its my pleasure. *wink*