Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Desert -Delight

i'm going through a hectic week. Again another super duper short post. Just for the sake of JESS LOKE! ( she requested that my blog needs to be updated ).


I know she look abit retarded... ( secretly i think she look slightly, no..ALOT more )

This girl, someone whom i knew for 15 years! and its still counting....OMG! ( i cant believe i survived from this torture ) hahahahaha..... but since u came all the way to find me for dinner, ignoring the fact that ur going to spread H1N1 flu virus to me.... i shall be nice to u for the whole month la. *wink*


Remember this desert babeh! u wont have the chance to eat it when December comes!!

Shit la. Today very 'satbai'. Pics all so abnormal. EEWWWW! but still, i will post it up la. Coz i look so much better compared to u! x0x0. hahaha!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Goodness Gracious.

my one-week holiday its almost O.V.E.R. and i did nothing on my studies.

Start feeling stress squeezing up to my head adi.


So many piled up tutorials, assignments and projects need to be done. I secretly wish for 30 hours per day. ( er, its 34 hours actually but shhhhh..... )

I dunno what am i crapping now. I feel bit dizzy after writing an essay about H1N1 for my oral presentation. Darn. =( How am i suppose to give a presentation about it for 5 minutes? *pening sial* whatever.

Anyway, i wish all my coursemates all the best! Can't wait to see u guys on Monday!

To my 2-ss family, i miss all of u. Going back tmr night! *wink*

Friday, August 14, 2009


what am i wiping off? the dust from

before anything else, i would like to say a big sorry to my honey-SAN.
sorry. sorry. sorry. I know ur mad coz i'm not going for ur birthday countdown celebration which is RIGHT NOW at this moment & also i'll be late for ur birthday bash tmr night...... ( both i really have reason for doing so ) please forgive me k? *guilty* U know i L.U.L. right? hahaha... tmr give u hugs and kisses to pay back la. Hehe... *wink*

so basically, my life continues as usual this week. Mid-term break just started. But nontheless, piles of assignments & projects going to fill up most of my days. So sad. =( Went watch THE PROPOSAL on Tues. For u guys who haven watch it, dig some time out k? I believe u will surely like it. The most-top-of-the-list movie to recommend this begining of the month of August.

On Wed, my coursemates decided to have a BBQ session at Jason's condo. Beside the swimming pool..... I did enjoy the night. =p Lets organize another one k? Just cut down on the fishBalls la. Although i know Esther had a crush on fishBalls....... *sigh* Pics uploaded in FaceBook!

Thurs............. i dun think i wana talk much or anything at all about it la. HAHAHAHA! ( in case my parents really found out bout my blog ) wtf. Only the 6 of us knew what happened that night. Pics not going to be up anywhere. Unless u guys want to expose........ *cough*

TODAY! my dance class canceled. Haihz... Suddenly my instructor have to go on a showcase. Since me and dear Tracey had no plans besides that, she suggest that we go for a shopping trip. Not own/self shopping of course. We owe presents for quite a number of ppl really............................. So, guess its time to do something about it!!

ooh ya! something i saw at Pyramid today which i like to share.

As u all know, Merdeka is just round the corner and i bet u all already start hearing songs likes 'Tanggal 31' on every FM. ( fyi, i like Merdeka-celebration songs. so what! ) anyway, this is what i saw!!!!


This guy Syed Mohd Amin Syed Hashim actually had the idea to do this! So amazing right? 1001 faces of Malaysian before 31st August! He went round the country to finish this magnificent piece of artwork. Hopefully he can accomplish it in time!

oh, its FOC to get ur face on! haha!

I really like seeing ppl draw coz i seriously suck at it. I hate drawing! Colouring.. WHATEVER that has to produce a picture using a 'stick-with-ink'. Arrgh!



I prefer producing a picture by just using a button-pressing-device. hahahah....



Yeah, after searching high & low for presents....... we cant decide on anything. =.= wtf, i know i know.... If anyone think its an easy task, PLZ OFFER TO HELP ME!!!! i beg u.....

So, while our brains are doing their work on choosing the presents. We went fill the desire of our stomach! WAH! *excited*






I tell u, the food all look super delicious lo! haihz... wanna eat also HEADACHE! dunno which set to choose. Arrgh!!!


U dun see Tracey like so happy, this pic was taken before she look into the menu. swt.
After struggling for some time, we decided to have different ala carte for the night.

We placed our order finally. *wink*


Due to money constraint..... we ordered the cheapest drink on the list. HAHA!



Eh, dun say we cheapskate ok?? Green tea is good for health! wtf.


hungry. hungry. hungry.




All i can say after this dinner is SATISFIED. really worth the price. Next time i wanna try the desert di. Hehe! >.<


Back to work... 1-2-3! yeah, finally decided on one! *jumps* and declared bankruptcy. *sobs* hahaha... but its for our friend. OK LA! wtd.......



- spot the Studio R plastic bag?? - Benbi dear, that is what we giving u. YES, the plastic bag only. HAHAHAHAHA -

p/s : SHIT! i still haven't think what to wear to honey-SAN birthday party & also Kai-ma birthday party + housewarming. *faints*

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here comes the tale of my dear AhBu...

owh. So sweet. When loves filled the air........... hahahahaha. Just came back from oneU celebrating our AhBu's 21st birthday. I bet she never had a blast like this.

The 2-ss family which i think i never mention it before here, had dinner at TGI Friday's before going for a movie later on. Let me first introduce u guys my 2-ss family.

My brothers and sisters. Esther, Bee, Connie ( which we claimed picked her up beside rubbish bin during our vacation at Langkawi ), Quinn ( "tong li dan" - inside joke ), Philip & Frank.

Since its my AhBu's birthday, i believed she should be the main character for this post. Erm, i shall make it short & sweet using the help of some pics.

When AhBu is hanging out together with her bunch of "siao kia" ( means crazy guys in hokkien ), she portrays the inner toughest to the max!

errr, just ignore the guy at the left most side of this pic.

On the other hand, while mixing together with her perfect daughthers.......


Nah... she would say this isn't cute enough. And.....

*xoxo* hahahahahha.....

Now, back to the man of AhBu's life. --- Our dear AhPA! *screams*


satisfied with only this pic? of course not right?????

Dun worry. U know i wont let u guys down. Here u go, another latest-hottest photo!

- the love birds -

So inseparable. Haihz, being a bunch of considerate children... we sacrifices ourself watching different movie from AhBu & AhPa. Let them have their chance to recapped their memories...

( two different cinemas, not joking )

HAHA! Last pic of the day, our family potrait. *wink* love it.


p.s : check out facebook photo album ( coming soon ) and video asap!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

R e L a X ed

omg omg omg! i just finished my WXES2103 exam today! *shouts* so darn relieved right now. Although feeling really exhausted, but dun wanna take my nap now la. I wanna have the chance to be awake doing nothing! *wink* ( plus, ahpa & ahbu going for date tonight. HAHAHAHAHA ) i can't wait i can't wait i can't wait. Over excited...........

Looking at the album of Freshie Camp in facebook, GOODNESS GRACIOUS! damn ridiculous pics all uploaded. Especially...... *cough* i'm thinking whether to upload an album of it also. Hmm, see got time anot la. 1000++ pics. Wanna filter also can die. So, be patient la k?

[ something unwanted just happened, not going to mentioned it again here. Almost got heart-attack. Wait, that did happened. wtf. *shiver*]

ok la, now wanna help ahbu dress up for her date adi. So long..... hahahahaha.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back from Freshie Camp!


My database test is on Tues and i haven't start reading a thing.

die die die.

i wanna sleep but.......... damn.

life is Difficult. HAHAHAHA.

k la, will update ASAP! *wink*