Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here comes the tale of my dear AhBu...

owh. So sweet. When loves filled the air........... hahahahaha. Just came back from oneU celebrating our AhBu's 21st birthday. I bet she never had a blast like this.

The 2-ss family which i think i never mention it before here, had dinner at TGI Friday's before going for a movie later on. Let me first introduce u guys my 2-ss family.

My brothers and sisters. Esther, Bee, Connie ( which we claimed picked her up beside rubbish bin during our vacation at Langkawi ), Quinn ( "tong li dan" - inside joke ), Philip & Frank.

Since its my AhBu's birthday, i believed she should be the main character for this post. Erm, i shall make it short & sweet using the help of some pics.

When AhBu is hanging out together with her bunch of "siao kia" ( means crazy guys in hokkien ), she portrays the inner toughest to the max!

errr, just ignore the guy at the left most side of this pic.

On the other hand, while mixing together with her perfect daughthers.......


Nah... she would say this isn't cute enough. And.....

*xoxo* hahahahahha.....

Now, back to the man of AhBu's life. --- Our dear AhPA! *screams*


satisfied with only this pic? of course not right?????

Dun worry. U know i wont let u guys down. Here u go, another latest-hottest photo!

- the love birds -

So inseparable. Haihz, being a bunch of considerate children... we sacrifices ourself watching different movie from AhBu & AhPa. Let them have their chance to recapped their memories...

( two different cinemas, not joking )

HAHA! Last pic of the day, our family potrait. *wink* love it.


p.s : check out facebook photo album ( coming soon ) and video asap!