Thursday, July 31, 2008

coffee ( good / bad )

just woke up an hour ago. now waiting for my friends to bring back my dinner. i overslept due to the after-effect-of-drinking-coffee-early this morning. arrgh... everything i see now still look BLURR~~

since sunday night when i come home.. opps! wrong. it should be since sunday night i come back to my college, i've been having 3 hours sleep everyday. 4 nights straight like this. i wonder how long more can my body take it b4 i collapse. *choi! touch wood. - eh, reminds me of my buddy =p * haha.

er, there're too many stories to tell and i have no idea where to start. haha. plz forgive me if this post end up a mess k?


- doing math sheets!!!!! ( while having party at bee's room )
- messing around.
- fighting over a miserable left over biscuit


- laughing at our cute friend


- completing our programming lab ques


- which ended up ....

bee trying to sell her mtv awards ticket online!!

- me being a KIND soul who let my friend sleep in peace on my comfy bed (its almost 3am & i'm starring at her, hoping she will wake up immediately~)

aren't u glad that u have a friend like me? haha!


oii ppl! no pics from mid vally!! where can where can... sure have right? i go find.

got adi. WTH. only got pics from Carls JR.




luckily, last tues ONE-u trip got! haihz. its all bee fault. ( she say she cuts her hair not nice adi so dun wanan take pics! she looks the SAME!! trust me. )



~ BAT MAN ~ why so serious?


almost forgotten to post up pics where my dad brought me last week when i went back home. the seafood restaurant is around old-air-port-road if i'm not mistaken.









arrgh.. cant stand adi. i'm hungry.

p.s. i'm going PD this weekend. DO miss me when i'm away.


ohh!! yes tracey. the subject i dislike most is not programming now. its INFORMATION SYSTEM. goodness. i wasted my coffee on that sub. *shoot* i have no IDEA what the lecturer READING from the slide. ( word by word + ok, alright - after few words ) damn torturing! btw, u learning that too? i wonder if its the same.

K la. hope to see u guys soon.. tata!


goodness. my room now is noisy... with laughter.. arguments.. bla bla bla..
lots of programming java languages flying here and there. my eyes half closing listening to them ( bee, esther, fish ball & dream ) HELP ME!!!!!!

arrgh... bee and esther keep shouting-begging-crying for programming answers. that fish ball is EVIL. oh.. now two of them rolling on the floor. swt! crazy. i'm going crazy. PROGRAMMING is scary. my last program turn out to have errors here and there. why? i dunno!!!!!!! the one thing i hate bout programming is u happily start to program something for a long time, then when u run.. PROCESS not COMPLETE!. *shoot*

now i'm scared that the ppl in the next room will knock on my door and say : amoi.. sekarang dah pukul dua pagi. takda jam ke?


Programming. WHY create such language??


bee come kacau di.. scolding me why i blogging instead of doing lab ques together. hahah. for the whole hour... the words that i hear most is I DUNNO! WHY?? AIYO. DUN ASK ME!! HOW??? TELL ME LAR... SO FAN AR... this sub dont suit me lar. HAHA. WO BU HUI!!!! huh?? DO YOURSELF LAR. fish ball, check mine plz. SHIT..

i shall post something happier next day. cant do it now. no mood. bye~

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

attitude problem!

its almost 12 mid night.. just pour hot water into my maggie cup as i'm too hungry to go to bed. this is my 2nd cup today. both consider as my poor dinner. *sobs* damn pathetic right? aiyo...

actually today is not that terrible lar. just came back to my room not long ni. went to attend UM Buddhist Association - Malam Suai Kenal.

RM5 for the ticket


consider cheap as there are so many performances about 2 hours ++. and souvenirs. i would say its a very successful night. most of the performance are quite touching. especially the drama. goodness. i tried so hard to hold back my tears.



well. what attitude problem i would like to discuss is a super duper long story. and my maggie is waiting for me now. so.. post it next time la.

love u guys~ muaxx!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


wondering what is that number? haha. let me reveal it. ITS MY ROOM Number!!
K1 stands for Blok Kenyalang 1 and B is basement. obviously 13 is the door number.

i'm happy staying here now coz my college finally has connection for us!! hurray! so now i online EVERYDAy in my room. goodness. very hard to control k.

just had my 2nd orientation called MITAZ ( minggu interaksi tun ahmad zaidi ). tun ahmad zaidi is my college name. named after the person for the reason i yet to know. hahaha. really tiring the whole week. DAHLA got so many math Sheets to do.. hiAHZ. if u think i enjoying my life here... think again.

living a campus life...

1. get up early like 6 something in the morning.
2. no time for breakfast.
3. eyes force to open during lectures/tutorials
4. "thunderous" sound from ur tummy.
5. same food every single day.
6. walk down-hill to faculty.
7. walk up-hill back to college.
8. get surrounded by forest.
9. lost connection to the outside world.
10. have to wait more than 30 minutes for shutter to reach the other part of uni which includes : nicer cafe, library, book shop, atm, rapid station....
11. bump into CATS every hour.
12. WORST!! monKeys.... i'm actually living with monKeys. every morning and evening, the monkeys will come out to eat, play, scare ppl, steal 'bra's, tear clothes, overturn the dustbin, use laptop..... maybe around 15 at a time.
13. wash ur own clothes
14. hang ur own clothes ( if rain have to run out crossing all obstacles to grab it )
15. bath with ICE water.
16. shit inside "perfect" toilet.

bla bla bla...

The real meaning of hidup dalam ketakutan & sengsara.

luckily, i got a big gang of wonderful friends. hahaha. makes my life so much happier. thsnks.

some pics taken last week.

entertain ourself after a just-to-fill-the-stomach dinner

best food in my college : mint ice-cream

ohh. eyes so sleepy.

suddenly some memories of last year flashes across...
all bcoz of carol's post.
but i have to exact same feeling.
arrgh... really miss u guys. *sobs*

i'm coming back this weekend!!! yeah~

till we meet then... muaxx.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

shin yeen is happy!!!

why am i happy??

course i AM.

shin yeen is back to her home
shin yeen got to sleep on her own nice cossy bed
shin yeen went sunway pyramid today.

hehe. dun think why shin yeen is so excited over sunway pyramid. there's a reason. maybe more but sure got one!

1st, i got to try a new restaurant!



what i ordered?

*drum roll*

small dragon pao

some mince pork rice?


so cute right? its red bean pao if i'm not wrong. hehe~

but very expensive lor. haihz.

2nd, which is the main reason why i'm so hyperactive whole day!!!!!!

my dad bought me a laptop!! yiPPy..~ thanks daddy.




this is my first post using my new laptop. muaxx!

p.s. : i'm happy. ~.~

Friday, July 11, 2008

i'm back - part 2

hey friends! how's life??

another week gone and lots happened. i really dunno where to start. hmm, start on my daily lectures? or u prefer to know bout my lecturers? i know la. u guys love me gossiping right? hehe. BUT sorry sorry sorry. i dont think its a good idea to talk bout my lecturers here lar.. since u know they're computer genius. haha. they might hack into students profile or whatever.

well. monday. [ programming ]

although its just a INtroduction to this subject.. i notice ????? sign keep popping out of my head. i'm not complaining its boring or what. i actually have interest in it. thanks to the lecturer actually. his teaching is exciting. not boring i would say. i wonder how long will it take to create SHIN YEEN-the programmer geek. hahaha. choi! tak mau...

tues [ mathematics ]

aiks. this is scary. no joke. the lecturer, from london i think. walau.... his teaching style is totally different from malaysian style ok!!! i really need time to catch up. i feel STUPID in math class. the first lesson is SETS. its not the simple sets which i familiar. i'm sad. ALL back to the principle of Sets. Lecturer keep confusing me bout WHY 1+1 must be 2? not 3 or 4? arrgh.............. die. Lets say this topic Sets got 10 sub-topics, he only manage to touch 2 subs in 2 hours and expect us to study the rest our own??? i miss SPOON-FEEDING learning technique. the final hour he start teaching Function. WTH. i'm so blurr.. ( reminds me of trac and amelia.. hahaha )

p.s : alot of homework. *sobs* i need help.

wed [ computer system & organisation ]

this is worst. i slept during this lecture. i just couldnt stand. BORING. BORING. and... BORING. i totally forgot what this sub is about.

thurs [ principles of information system ]

before i even learn a single thing. ASSIGNMENTS + PROJECTS + TUTORIALS DISCUSSION IN GROUPS etc.. arrgh. again, i dunno whats this about. kill me!!

ahah!! my favourite! todays lesson.

let me introduce - TITAS ( name so glamour right? ) bullshit.

what i learn this afternoon? NOthing. FYI, this subject is all about TAMADUN I****. what lecturer did is, she just put on slides of words.. read them softly and click 'next slide'. AMAZING.. oh, but no one slept in her class. WHY? coz some are chit-chatting, online with laptop under the table, sms, drawing circles and laugh ( which is my selection of passing time ) hahah. cant blame me ok. use ur imagination!

FORGET bout that. talk bout the happy parts! hehe.

i love my seniors. they really take care of us lor. bring us here and there. what problem we faced they offer their help immediately. THANKS ALOT. ( pasar malam, dinner and yam cha.. everything. ) had a great time with them. they talk damn lot of nonsense also. haha.

went mid-vally shopping with my new gang few days ago! hehe.

sorry catherine and mei shi, next time only put ur pics k?

bought a new watch and jacket! heheh.
finally, got to eat what i call FOOD!



staying in hostel isnt tat terrible lar. just the TOILET. arrgh. most of my friends suddenly 'sembelit'. really, those things really wont come out!! thanks to my mum, make me eat all kinds of fruits. i manage to push all most of it. hahahaha.

this week,



another reason why we got 'sembelit'.

this is just ONE of the boxes of junks. got a few more boxes. and mostly chocolate!!!

ohh ohh ohh!! must show u guys my room!

i'm starting to appreciate and accept the beauty of my room UNTIL..

i saw J.Loi's room. its not even a hostel! looks like a hotel adi. not 5 stars lar but at least also got 2 stars!!! ish. look at mine!!!



if anyone thinks it looks good, thats just because i'm a good photographer!

-shall take a break now- tata!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

i'm back!

muahaha. i'm back i'm back!!!


i'm going in an hour time. SHIT.

only stayed for not more than 24 hours at my home. ARRGH.

i'm glad that the orientation week is over. omg i dunno what to say. ITS TOO TIRING. i almost feel that i can float after the 6th day. cant even walk straight. i feel like a crab. hahaha. CRAP.

during the whole orientation week, EVERY "taklimat" speaker starts with : -the greetings- and then. Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan TAHNIAH kepada mahasiswa dan mahasiswi kerana BERJAYA mendapat tempat di Universiti yang TERUNGGUL, TERBAIK, TERCEMERLANG, TER..., TER..., di Malaysia. UM merupakan universiti.. bla bla bla bla bla.....

cheers for UM. ( UM IS ONE! )

oh. goodness. i just realised that chinese population suck. COME ON... get more babies ppl. haha. everything is in BM. wth. i'm getting whole stack of eng magazines back to my college. i'm scared that my eng will turn from ok to terrible.

-the best thing to do when u are bored at the taklimat-


tmr will be the starting of my new study life. WOO HOO!!

all the best to me! and my fellow friends. miss u guys........... >.<

p.s : i forgot to mention, my orientation food SUck. seriously. white white thing which look like rice, fish that dont taste like fish, vegetables in water, bitter mee, dry mee hoon.. etc. oh wait. no more etc. that's what i have for my whole week.

till then. muakxx.