Friday, December 28, 2007

^-^ hoMetoWn...

its been a long time. i haven went back there for so many months. STPM~~~
i miss my cousins. REALLY! =(

what my cousin sis say might be true. 6 of us are the closest. BUT as time goes by.... our bond getting loose day by day. i blame it on TIME. i hate u.

Its ok. we proved TIME wrong. we still have fun with each other. appreciate it alot. =) haha.. omg. i sound so emo. (listening to jimmy lin - dui wang)

nvm.. change my mood now!

hehe.. i have to show u guys this bloody SOUP we order in a restaurant in muar. COST RM100.. its not a very famous reataurant in klcc or 5 star hotel! damn.


ish. and each person only get a SMALL bowl.
here are the 6 dummies!!


hahahah. of course... the smartest DUO.


After dinner, we went have a walk in Tanjung.. erm, emas? haha. anything la.



Not to forget.... my SUPER POSER cousin.


and the pic i love the most!!!


see u guys during Chinese new year 2008! =p

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

20th DEC 2007

haha. sorry piggy! so late only post this.
just came back from kampung but see la. i treat u so nice. fast fast come update le! =p

hmm, what to say bout u ar? dumb... crazy... stupid... pig... annoying... etc!
haha. but since its ur birthday post, i shall be kind.

listen up guys! jessica loke is a sweet little girl with a perfect smile. she doesnt wear skirt besides school uniform. screams alot! have the ability to stay awake for more than 24 hours. drinks STARBUCKS roughly about 3 times a week. she is cute. PRETTY. *help me* got lots of ideas on how to make fun of ppl. LAME. tell stories with head no tail. her fav sentence is ISH! I HATE U!!!. haha. true? she prefer women than men. *oops* dream of having her own company name AIRBUCKS. loves to break dance at home. hahahahahaaha. got bitten by leech at her big round butt. OH, how can i forget. SHE IS BALDING.

haha. here comes the most beutiful JESSICA in the world....




Love u always!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

~ Asian Idol ~

well, u know the topic.

last night was the live telecast of our very 1st ASIAN IDOL.
6 contestant from philipines, singapore, vietnam, indonesia, india & of course MALAYSIA!
in two hours time, the asian idol will be crown. talking back to yesterday performance, it is so obvious that malaysian idol has the best voice. or maybe the philipines.... definately not india. omg! no doubt he is good-looking. i nearly fainted when he came out from the back stage. (just joking) BUT.. once he started singing.... i was like..... WHAT THE ****** he cant sing. Same goes to the singapore idol. he is super cute. too bad. BAD! bad..................

seriously. malaysia is the WINNER. i'm not a fan of jac BUT (as i said)
wait, i havent tell u guys bout the vietnam idol. SHE IS DAMN FREAKING HOT.
trust me. As for her singing, no comment. kinda boring. ish. cant anyone be both good-looking and able to sing???


p/s : eh pig (jess loke), dun be so emo can anot. CRAZY!

Monday, December 10, 2007

tHE day - ?

4th of deceMber. A day where all STPM students been waiting for.

when the clock STRIKES at 10.30am... FREEDOM

haha.=p of course. its also a day where alot of things became FINAL.
final day of secondary school life~
final day of wearing school uniform~
final day in school with all my classmates~
final day of my enjoyable + suffering in seafield~
final day of..........

*emo* i miss my SCHOOL.


first thing to do OBVIOUSLY is go have a SATISFYING lunch.
we choosed... San Fransisco Steak House. muahahaha.
the PERFECT 5 = me, carol, ley yeem, tracey & a PIG (well, not so perfect after all) haha. take a look what we HAD!




aMAzing right? dun jealous.

hmm. night plan? as usual. YAM CHA with saya punya buddies love u guys!!

ok. i need some sleep. seriously. the night before my genting TRiP. BUT~ haihz. watched my "jimmy lin" drama & chat with tracey till.... *yawns* i have to put the blame on Ming Sze for waking us UP at 8.30am. GOODNESS. who wakes up THAT time. hello!!!~

- genting -

wow! this is really a BIG GANG. haha. i think bout 17 of us tHERE..


i'll just tell da stories thorugh pics!

we started our journey to GENTING by BUS! hehe.


before checking in the hotel room ~

Picture 005

Picture 006

at the theme PArK~



cheh. u think we dont DARE take pics with the "solerro shot" izit. OPEN UR EYES BIG BIG!!!

hahah. =p

hungry... we need food.. FOOD!!!






time to walk around FIRST WORLD...




stupid ginger-bread-man. cOPY my POSe. *ish*

ok. talking bout our dinner.. COST almost RM800~~~ really a big thank you to MR KANG! best PA teacher inthe whole world. haha. and our breakfast.

Picture 032

now is my other buddies turn.. me, tracey, lyeem & carol.

Picture 023

Picture 030

Picture 031

Picture 034


Picture 037

12.00AM - 6th dec
Happy BiRthDay dear CAROL... and SURPRISE!!!

Picture 055

haha. hope it'll be a nice memory for her and everyone.

- tIme to bid GOODBYE -

Picture 069

Picture 071

Picture 073

p/s : nothing.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

MiSS 'ah' siAN !

CHIK HSIN SIAN!!! muahaha... happy birthday!

woke up few hours ago.. thinking "what happen aR last night?"
oh.. me, san, tracey, adeline CELEBRATE sian's BirthDay! well, her birthday is today actually. so what we did last night is a CounTdOwn 4 her.. ( haha. last TEEN years, dude. Old liao!! *sobz* )

suddenly, EMO-ness filled the air. i wonder.. will everything, everyone going to be the same.. after this year? when we start our life of 20-ies? *ish* hate myself for thinking this. -slap=PIAK- haha!


hmm... the journey beGins.............

FIRST stop

to SIAN's hse. Pick the QUEEN! oops. i forgot she dun want queen. *ahem* ok ok. again. Pick the PRINCESS!!! haha..


to a restaurant in UPtown = IZZI. well, its my first time there. overall? great. haha. ( before presenting the pics, i would like to thank sian [her sister] for treating us this WONderfuL dinner. LovE u lotz! )=P

- something to eat b4 main course -

- haha. this is adeline's idea. hoping that we could win this contest & who knows! maybe next week we'll be flying off to BALI! -

* waiting for food.. FINALLY *

- bday girl -

- "driver" SAN -

- me -

- adeline -

- cey cey -

cant stand hungry-ness any longer..


* after food *

- buddies -

- FRienz 4eva [ quote : I'll REMEMBER man! ] haha -

THIRD stop

guess where? around 9pm i think. TO ss2!
a dessert shop called "gei tak sek" ( translation : remember to eat? haha. )

- the MENU -

- YUmmY... -


- wonder where is dear tracey? forced by us to hold camera! haha -


Secret Recipe! to get SIAN her cake!! hehe..=)


FIFTH stop

round sUnwaY pYraMid.. have a look at the deco-s!
( by this time, san's petrol is running out, Sian is FREAKING out. haha )

SIXTH stop

"lok lok" in TAIpan... haha..

- the truck of 'heaven' -

- girls from 'heaven' .. haha.. joking -


home SWEET home! well, its not my home but.. SAME la!

its 15 minuts past ElEvEn. means still got 45 minutes b4 Sian bday.. how leh?
haiz. we WAIT. ( sian is a lousy entertainer. no strip dance fr her also )
*ahem, luckily we got adeline. wont say what she did for us. haha*

# ding dong # ( oh, amelia came! )

~ 12 AM 12/10/2007 ~

huRRay!!! happy birthday SIAN...

- see the cute little cake at the side? haha.. its from amelia! -

- happy ending -

dear sian, hope u like this post! love u LOTZZZZZZ. muaxx!