Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ahh! i still cant stop listening to this song. As the title said, ADDICTED. so true. But i'm finding it annoying coz the song keeps repeating in my mind everytime i'm trying to study! HELLO~ get out of me now will you? hahaha... =p

Finally, i'm done with all my assignments and its time to STUDY STUDY STUDY!

Just now i started with SQL commands. But i fell asleep while doing Practice 2. wtf. I need to stop sleeping in front of my laptop. Somehow i feel like its going to damange my brain. HAHA! and someone told me that i can't eat maggie during exam period coz maggie will deggrade ur memory. ARRGH! tooooo much la. Why isn't maggie a healty food? No choice lo. Already didnt study alot, what if really that small part of memory about my studies also gone just because i eat maggie? Kinda stupid right. Better believe it. No harm done.

Yesterday, last day of enjoying. No more parties! What i can do now is WAKE UP, study, EAT, study, SLEEP, sleep...... study.....SLEEP. yup! this is what i'm going to do until 17th November. Can't wait for that day. ARRGH! *yawns* oh shit. Even talking bout end of exam i still can yawns. Should i take a nap? hmmmm... yeah, i need it.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Final week.

last week attending lessons. I've been skipping quite a number of them ( er, not quite but kinda alot ) anyway, the point is : I'M GOING FOR ALL MY CLASSES this week! yes i am. Sigh, from 11 till 6. I wonder how many times i will doze off while listening attentively to my lecturers. Let's pray-pray-pray! hahaha.

Haven been doing much studies lately. Concentration needed once again. I really hope i can stay focus on something i'm doing. This is for studies, of course. Other matter? Just trying my best to stand strong on what i decided.

I wish u all the best.
Thanks for all the memories.
Do take good care of yourself when you are out there.

p.s. : Friendship is not taken for granted. It is something that u should earn.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I just came back from my DINNER! its almost 11pm right now. OMG. yeah, so late right? Its not what we planned but it happened.

It all started when Rachel "FFK" me and darling for dinner! at 8.30pm she told us she had no choice but to accompany both her love ones. So, there goes. Left me and darling, both of us thinking where to head for dinner. In the end, we decided to go Murni since we haven't been there for quite some time.

The pathetic couple, sadly drove to SS2... thinking bout how sweet Rachel could be with her love ones. Sigh! Not to say we're complaining as she usually named as the "light-bulb" of me and darling. HAHAHAH! wtf. but we still let her la since she is in kinda dilema, dunno which love to settle in YET. *wink*

shoot la. I should be studying right now but instead i'm still talking nonsense here. Damn.

At Murni, OMG! i'm so lucky to get a parking right in front of the public bank... er, slightly further la but who cares! as long as u have a parking! Till now, i still dun get why do ppl like going to Murni. Damn packed! The tables are already occupied the whole stretch of shops but still so many ppl are standing waiting for a spot to dine. Yeah, this means us too. swt.... I insisted that i dun wanna sit at the furthest table at a corner so we both had no choice but to hang around somewhere in the middle preying for sits. ARRGH!

To our surprise, we saw another couple standing nearby us. Owh, my housemate and darling's housemate. So ngam! We 4 ended up sitting together... obviously........ and goodness! we waited for like more than a hour for our food! wtf.






-finally, mee raja served... -

Tasted not bad actually, but i'm not sure izit because we're to hungry... hahaha....

p.s. : Sigh, tmr afternoon i'll be lonely! Starbucks maybe? Shall decide then. >.<

Make It Work

Ne-yo song playing on my mp3-player right now.... i'm sitting at my faculty before 12pm which is kinda miracle! Just feel like dozing away without a cup of nice hot coffee. *sigh*

Together with Rachel, went to see our academic adviser (apparently). Thank goodness mine was a quick one. There's no need to sit down and have a long chat with him.

Decided last night to wait for darling-Esther till her class end at 5pm. Shit, i'm feeling hungry di.... should i dump her for lunch? hahahahaha.... nah, say say ni.....

Suddenly, i thought of San. Starbucks weihhh~ faster give me a call la...... i'm waiting. =p

-crapping away-

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To my dear.

Miss Chik - my dear,

Hope u really enjoyed the celebration last night.... although it sort of like a last minute-without planning celebration, it was fun right? SPONTANEOUS. *wink*

I know that the nick-name i gave u sound kinda..... COLD BLOODED, just like how u reminds me of the ice-queen from Narnia. hahahahaha..


But always remember, I still love u no matter how WILD u can be.


So does the rest of us. XOXO!


HAPPY biRthday to you again! *hugs*


p.s : got up like 9a.m. to upload pics in facebook and wrote this post. I'm feeling sleepy again. Shoot. ARRGH! presentation preperation! ciao~

Sunday, October 11, 2009


how am i going to survive without internet connection. Damn.

ANYONE can tell me how?

too much la weiiihhhhhhhhh..........



Saturday, October 10, 2009

feeling Static

i'm having a dull boring life this month. Damn. Although i'm back at home, all i did was just hide myself in my dark-gloomy room.... looking at my laptop screen the whole time besides sleeping and eating. suck.

This kinda plz-kill-me-rather-to-force-me-study mood is really frustrating. And its gonna continue until my finals ends which is on the 17th Nov! wtf.

Thank goodness i'm meeting my BFFs tmr! weeeee~~~ really will brighten my day. ( honey, sorry can't go hang out at starbucks with u tmr. I owe u this ok? )

another thing i'm missing is new photos. OmiGosh. I dunno how long i haven posted any new photos. And the thing is i didnt bring my camera back. Still on the dressing table in my pj house. *sigh* After looking through my album, NOPE! no pics to post up. Desperately, i picked up my phone and snap a pic.


Arrhh! nothing to do with my post at all. Haha..... I'm feeling sleepy again. Darn.

p.s. : What they say about CCNA exploration is just like clicking never ending slides is so true. Yes, so true.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Looking at the clock right now its 4.08am. My eyes starting to close after staring at the laptop monitor since morning. *blink*

But i'm transferring some data into the pendrive now. Still another 27 minutes more. Yeah, great. After having to scratch my head to burst 30 journals the whole day, writing this entry feels kinda suck. I dont think i'll post anything up for the time being as i still need to edit few articles in the website created for the assignment. ARRGH!

No more looking at blog entries. SAY NO to articles. wtf. Nah, just joking. I'll just drop by awhile later. =p


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

This time around, far from home.... ( well, not exactly far la. Just 15 minutes drive from where i am now ) hahaha.. how i manage to celebrate this wonderful moment? Without lanterns hanging around and candles to play with its slightly pathetic but luckily for me, i have my darling and baby! *muaxx*

As today is a chinese traditional festival, we decided to have a chinese meal for dinner. Just to have the Zhong-Qiu-Jie mood flowing around... So many families dining together with us, laughing happily & chit-chatting at other tables. We too, TOTALLY enjoyed accompany each other. *hugs*

One thing we find it troublesome is that with just 3 people, its kinda difficult to order dishes. Hahaha..... So, we ended up with -TA.dah!


Obviously, chinese-style dinner comes along with a pot of hot chinese tea! ( oh shit. I only took the pic of our cups. Forgot bout the pot. hahaha... )


Wonder what would be our plan later tonight? Still got 1 hour till mid-night! LET'S HANG OUT somewhere else besides our condo!

me : i wanna stay home study! stay home study... study..... study...... ( crap~ )

bee : i wanna go club dance.... go club dance.... dance.... dance.... ( woohoo~ )

esther : i dunno wanna do what.... do what... what.... what.... ( sigh~ )

oh shit! left 55minutes till mid-night! *screams*