Friday, October 16, 2009


I just came back from my DINNER! its almost 11pm right now. OMG. yeah, so late right? Its not what we planned but it happened.

It all started when Rachel "FFK" me and darling for dinner! at 8.30pm she told us she had no choice but to accompany both her love ones. So, there goes. Left me and darling, both of us thinking where to head for dinner. In the end, we decided to go Murni since we haven't been there for quite some time.

The pathetic couple, sadly drove to SS2... thinking bout how sweet Rachel could be with her love ones. Sigh! Not to say we're complaining as she usually named as the "light-bulb" of me and darling. HAHAHAH! wtf. but we still let her la since she is in kinda dilema, dunno which love to settle in YET. *wink*

shoot la. I should be studying right now but instead i'm still talking nonsense here. Damn.

At Murni, OMG! i'm so lucky to get a parking right in front of the public bank... er, slightly further la but who cares! as long as u have a parking! Till now, i still dun get why do ppl like going to Murni. Damn packed! The tables are already occupied the whole stretch of shops but still so many ppl are standing waiting for a spot to dine. Yeah, this means us too. swt.... I insisted that i dun wanna sit at the furthest table at a corner so we both had no choice but to hang around somewhere in the middle preying for sits. ARRGH!

To our surprise, we saw another couple standing nearby us. Owh, my housemate and darling's housemate. So ngam! We 4 ended up sitting together... obviously........ and goodness! we waited for like more than a hour for our food! wtf.






-finally, mee raja served... -

Tasted not bad actually, but i'm not sure izit because we're to hungry... hahaha....

p.s. : Sigh, tmr afternoon i'll be lonely! Starbucks maybe? Shall decide then. >.<


Frederick said...

Mee heard murni got sth called nasi goreng beckham....wakaka..u should try tat next time since it is the handsome beckham rice^^

purple_star_88 said...

yer.... i dun like beckham also. But last night i saw nasi lemak ayam and the roti dragon. Looks nice leh!

Frederick said...

nasi lemak ayam i can undrstd la...but roti dragon...wth....haha...murni really variety of choices.....this can be their tagline dy^