Tuesday, March 29, 2005

= what's with him ? =

* wondering who is he?? he is a guy who the sicko person [ not sure she is still a human ] sitting beside me in the class keep talking about !!! The whole day !!! OMG ...... Danial Wu is so hot ! Danial Wu is so handsome !! Danial Wu is so sexy !!! Danial Wu is so cute !!!! ohh... i have to listen to this few statement for the whole day ! there is nobody else she can tell to so she keep telling me that ! [ michelle didn't come to school,so...] This li peng , tell me a movie call..erm.. oh, a cop mission or something like that.. she say that it is a damn nice movie & told me the story plot ! guess what? i think that it is really a blue movie !! danial wu have S** with a gangster head wife once... i think twice..in front of some physco freak !!! he look at her when she bathe & master b** himself !! obviously there are lots of kissing parts ! haih.... n my " lovely " li peng wants to watch this kind of movie. DANIAL WU isn't that good afterall ! **

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

@ bad news @

* this can't be true *
* i hate this *
* plz don't let it happen *

~ ArE tHeY rEalLy GoInG tO sPiLt ???

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** keigo**
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** niu nai **

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** kunda **

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** ady **
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~ really don't wish they will spilt up !! ~

Saturday, March 19, 2005


** Holiday??? ** u call this holiday?? eiks! almost everyday i need to go to my computer class in sunway college !! from 9 to 1 ......kesian me lar.... luckily, yesterday got no class.....so, all of us [ me, melissa, adeline, li san, ting ting & xin ye ] went to pyramid to celebrate melissa's birthday which is actually tomorrow! hehe...we went to red box & really have lots of fun shouting there.

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erm.... i know the pic is a bit cacat... coz... we are not yet ready but the machine just go 1,2,3 & snap !! there goes our 24 bucks .. *-*

haha~~ ohh....i nearly forgot that tomorrow 17/3 ### 8tv ### 3 pm ### starting a new movie.. hehe..the guys inside is so cute!!!! arrghhh!!! erm...better don't let my imagination run wild !!
aiyo, my fav show " huan zhu ge ge " going to finnsh.... talking bout that, CHEOK LI PENG !! this girl really got something wrong in her...[ erm, maybe she got nothing correct ] DO NOT watch any movie or show with her !!! she will laugh when everyone is crying or at least feel sad... Michelle & me got bad experience. once, michelle invited me to her house to watch a korean movie [ it is suppose to be a sad one according to michelle ] aha! li peng came along & guess what? she ruine the whole movie ! she laugh non stop & keep asking why the guy doing this, the girl doing that !!! blek !!! oops, can't write anymore.... [ i'm actually in my computer class now & my lecturer is looking at me, hehe * ]

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

~ finally ~

yeah....i finally know how to upload a photo into my blog !

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Thanks to Li Peng !! Luv u !! [ kidding only ]

Saturday, March 12, 2005

~ hehe ~

One day, small piggy ask mother piggy :" Why do we look so ugly & fat? Why don't we look like other animals? They are cute !!! Its so unfair !!! "
Mother piggy reply :" You must thank god for how u look like. Its really much more better than the one reading our conversation ! "

Sunday, March 6, 2005

~ constantine ~

huraay.....!!!!! i've watch that show!!! damm nice.....haha... i'm so sad for the past few weeks in school coz almost everyone were talking bout that show & i dunno anything bout it.....now i'm NOT ! yeah !! one of my friend got scared n cried in the cinema...ohh...but funny...i dun find this movie scary....my mother actually covered her face with her jacket & my dumbo bro. close his ears the whole movie...haha...charm....!!! KEANU REAVES is soooo cute & handsome ! ( best is ~ no kissing parts in the movie ! ) haha...joking..-------

Friday, March 4, 2005


gone with the wind??? how can someone gone with the wind??? can u believe thats a story book with this title??? my fren ( the one who got only half brain ) is crazy bout this book ~ gone with the wind !!! what kind a title is this? she told me that its the best romantic book ever......haih.... i really think there is something wrong with the book. the cover itself got BIG PROBLEM !!! there's a pic of this guy putting his hand INSIDE ( not to mention where ) the lady.... YUCK!! so, it that call romantic? oh... i told her lots of time not to read that kind of book...she won't listen to me....that's why now there's something wrong with her mind ( the book is not healthy for a 16 year old girl ) ... haha.... bet she'll going to kill me if she see this !