Tuesday, March 29, 2005

= what's with him ? =

* wondering who is he?? he is a guy who the sicko person [ not sure she is still a human ] sitting beside me in the class keep talking about !!! The whole day !!! OMG ...... Danial Wu is so hot ! Danial Wu is so handsome !! Danial Wu is so sexy !!! Danial Wu is so cute !!!! ohh... i have to listen to this few statement for the whole day ! there is nobody else she can tell to so she keep telling me that ! [ michelle didn't come to school,so...] This li peng , tell me a movie call..erm.. oh, a cop mission or something like that.. she say that it is a damn nice movie & told me the story plot ! guess what? i think that it is really a blue movie !! danial wu have S** with a gangster head wife once... i think twice..in front of some physco freak !!! he look at her when she bathe & master b** himself !! obviously there are lots of kissing parts ! haih.... n my " lovely " li peng wants to watch this kind of movie. DANIAL WU isn't that good afterall ! **


lips said...

for one thing, u spelled his name wrong!! it's DANIEL wu... wif an 'e'... and for another thing, u spelled "MASTURBATE" wrongly too.
and finally, daniEl wu IS hot and cute and sexy and macho and everything. PLUS he can KISS sosososo well. which is more than i can say 4 u. so there. =P