Sunday, March 30, 2008


*eyes 75% closed*

6 days of work.
teaching annoying + cute at some point + noisy + not particularly intelligent + funny + blurr students for almost a WEEK.

gosh. half of my life gone. haha. if u see me now, u know what i'm talking.

at last. saturday night. i'm free! BUT.
my dear friend going to India tmr. *sobz*

and i miss my dance lesson this week.

really a short post. REASON? books waiting for me to mark. STACKS of it. Shoot.

listening to ~ 星光棒 : 因为我相信

Sunday, March 23, 2008


why do ppl create blogs?

why would ppl want to have their own blog?

why bloggers even exist?

HATE it..

i've just manage to kemaskini my list of local uni that i want to apply. GREAT! happy happy. its tough when u dun get a PERFECT 4.0 Makes it harder when ppl around u getting it. Haiz.
i'm kinda satisfied with my results until i see the min quilification to enter certain courses in local u such as UM, UKM, USM. why laR.

crush my brain. sqeeze it.
(oh my. not even a cup full of brain juice) shit.

what i did today?
besides having to teach football in school, thanks to shuk ching who gave us 4 movie preview tickets. = water horse =

omg. i must try to remember movies name. the title of that movie.
if not this is what's going to happen!

me : hehe! hey. tmr me going to movie!

tracey : wah. what movie?

me : erm.. erm.. dunno leh. i keep forgetting.

tracey : huh? u DUNNO? u going tmr leh.

me : aiya, no need money buy wan mar.

tracey : ic..

me : i think is something.. erm.. let me think think.. oh! i know! SEA LION!

tracey : huh? sure..? WATER HORSE izit?

me : oh. yes. water horse. hahaha. oops!

hahahahah. damn!


only manage to take a pic.
OH wait. there is one with miss YL in it.



well. being a teacher in zi wen, there's alot of function u can attend.

~ chinese new year ~


~ buffet dinner at shogun ~

what we took 1st round for 10 ppl!


scary. i forgot how much we ate that night!
hehe. i had fun though.





birthday celebration this month!

my cousin bro.. 18th


MEL! (20) haha. old liao lo.


******** IMPORTANT **********

li peng! ur pic is on the school walkways!



want a closer view? haha!










gorgeous!! muahaha.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

going crazy @-@

i can feel the EMO-ness filling the air.

i can feel the SAD-nes around me.

i can feel the excitement for those who know they did EXTREAMly well.

hearts PUMPing fast. rapid.

STPM results.


yeah. GREAT.

tmr.... less than 24 hours.

i promised myself i will not cry.

i'm not going to. is what u gain from how much effort u put in.

[ zhong gua de gua, zhong dou de dou ]

meaning ~ if u plant melon, u get melon, if u plant bean, u get bean.


see u guys tmr! twelve noon.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

make the NATION proud ~ people

i'm seating in front of my computer.

looking at the screen.

but listening news from tv in the hall.

i'm excited.


this is so fun....

getting lastest updates on PILIHANRAYA.

i love politics.

i'm praying for... *** to win. hahah ( secret is important )


as what the opposition said. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

keep ur finger crossed.
and wait for the RESULTs!

p/s : hannah rocks.