Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another chapter rolls...

supposedly i should be writing my journal which i need to hand up tmr. *yucks* nah! dun really have the mood to start writing. Besides, what i'm going through this 2 weeks isnt really good. Perhaps last week can be considered ...... no, definitely the worst week i had in years.

( connie's head turn to me and looking stern! asking me to do my hw........ *meow* ) hahahaha..

Well, last wed.... i've lost my grandma. Never going to forget how every family members stayed beside her till her very last breath. I'm not grieving adi as i know she's gone to somewhere better. Away from her sickness and suffering. But i'm going to miss her. Dearly..... *sniffles*

This week will be busy preparing for my college CC freshie camp! Updates bout it will be up next week ...... =p

Arrgh! Tutorials......... burden. HAHAHAHAHA! so, i better ciao now. Till then. *hugs*

Monday, July 20, 2009


3rd week of lectures starting tmr.... Arrgh! damn it. I still in my holiday mood now..... wth. *slap* Hopefully i dun sleep or blank in the class. PLZ.

Last 2 days celebrated my dear Tracey's 21st. Practiacally i was with u 24 hours!!!! wow. From Saturday 5pm till Sunday 5pm. Hope u enjoy my accompany =p From dinner at Bangsar Village - Chillies to KL - Maison.... Then ur own childhood bday party the next day.... Its was really a blast. *wink* hehe.

I haven got the pics from anyone yet. Will post some up here asap. Erm, but probably u guys can see it in facebook la.

Nah. Lazy to crap here di. Its getting late. Ciao.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Old times.

As u all know, i'm back to Uni once again! my lecture for today is so hectic that i have no choice but to have only bread for both breakfast and lunch. Pity right? *sigh* Arrgh! plus, i need to find something to kick start my engine to study. Really..... perhaps taking some advice from Connie? HAHA! well, at least she is copying her notes right now at this moment.... beside me. Darn.... nvm la! still early of the sem. Plenty of time. *whack*

3 days ago in a row i meet up with my ex-school mates.

At stationONE. Gathering of my primary classmates. Goodness gracious. Its been like half a year since the last meeting. Erm, but most of them still look the same la. Haha!! obviously the girls getting prettier and hotter. *wink* But i didnt manage to catch up with every single person who came la. Some went back early also. hmmm.... probably i was focusing more on my sort of like long lost best friend TING TING ... ahahahahaha..... she's obsessed with her self taken pic which she thinks its damn cute. Nah. Post up for u adi. Happy? hahaha....


I know that the next session is like this weekend but still not confirm going anot. Really sorry if i cant make it.

omg. Thinking back on this day. wth.... Wei Ling, we know how's the feeling right? Waking up as early as 9 plus then realised others couldnt? hahahahaha...... nvm, next time they ffk we both go eat our breakfast ni k? *wink*....

Let me intro u guys my BREAKFAST-gang. Its kinda weird when all of us love going out at night but we meet up together in the morning. Haha. But the previous breakfast-meal was a failure la. From 10am thinking it probably be changed to 11 plus for brunch...... who knows! most of us went back to bed thinking LETS HAVE LUNCH around 1 maybe........ But in the end, we went for tea-break. *sigh* Oh ya, intro-intro.....

1st kaki : Tracey ( haihz, why is this girl everywhere around me ) LOL!

*dear, ur pic appear too many times in my blog adi. So i refuse to post another one up*

2nd kaki : Wei Ling ( hahahaha.... dun get me wrong. She is not the hot model holding the magazine but the HOTTER one in the front cover page ) WUHH~


3rd kaki : Ting Ting ( self-proclaimed cutie )


4th kaki : Olivia ( erm, i think most of the time i wont be seeing her in the early morning. ) HAHA!


5th kaki : San ( dun get mad i put u last ok? coz i save the best for the LAST mar ) wtf.


OH-mg. Why is everyone so model looking?? but... Love it LOTS!


Miss Cheok. Back from UK. *hearts*..... ahahahaha... she look just the same. Fatter perhaps. ( she is going to screw me pretty soon )


Yeah la. this old woman come back to snatch all leng cai-s away from me. Cis. Dun like her!!!! hahahahaha......... oi, when we meet up next time u better dun go swimming ok? too much la.. too much. Plus, i'm the only person u think its not annoying in the whole wide world... who else can u hang out with beside me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I know u love me. *wink*

p.s. : omg... its not even 11pm. I'm bored. =(

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Being a 2nd year uni student....

nAH. i have nothing to talk about being a 2nd year senior.

Well, just over a DAY back in UM... still busy with all the new courses which i'm bout to take this semester. Haven really got the time to meet with juniors yet.

Looking forward to it. =p

Tonight will be the 2nd night staying at my new room. Hopefully i can sleep better than last night. *sigh*

I seriously think i'm changing from being nocturnal. Definitely a good sign! HAHA!

New life awaiting me.... but i miss my old life too........

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Packing. Packing.

Holiday is going to end like in just 26 hours. DAMN IT.

I'm having minor headache. Probably just the thought of leaving Subang again. Sigh.

I'm so going to miss everyone, everything.

I'm not staying at hostel anymore...moving out. Hoping its a correct choice to make. =p

nah. ShinYeen, all u have to do is think of hostel toilet and u know u made the right choice. haha.

This is not goodbye, this is starting over........ ( lyrics in one of Gareth Gates song. wtf)

The point is that. I dun feel like packing...... i hate packing... ARRGH!

Cis. I'm just being grumpy here that's all. I'll pack later. HAHAHA!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First of July. 2 zerozero 9

I love my day! Enjoyed it alot although right now my eyes is like half closing while typing this... Gosh. I'm so going to miss them. All of them. -emo-

My holidays going to end SO SO SO soon. Omigosh! i cant help but to pray that the time pass slower so i can have more time with them. My friends. Always knew that separation will be saddening and tough but never knew after so many experience.... it still hurts. *sniffles*

Haihz. Even yesterday our yam cha session ended with amelia dripping some tears. HAHAHA! i was still holding back... not for long i think. *heartache*

Chor Oon is going back UUM this friday. So we decided to have a nice outing before she leaves. Sorry my dear.... this 2 months was too busy till get to meet up with u 3 times only including this. I really hope u enjoyed today's trip!!!

So, this afternoon... I drove Tracey, Chor Oon & Adeline down to Ara Damansara where there's a famous restaurant Full-House for lunch.


Wow, i heard that place was like busy with ppl but...... erm, to my surprise... ITS QUIET. I mean, besides the Full House, practically no point of u going there. Most of the shop ( almost all ) was closed. But, i still recommend u guys to go there once laaaaaaaaa if u cant think of anywhere to dine-in. The Full House restaurant still can consider a nice place to hang out. *chuckles*


Mostly the food served there are western food. Price i would say reasonable.... Around RM20 for the whole set. Maybe some will find that the portion of serving not enough la... but for girls should be more than enough. *wink* hahaha.


Stepping away from the food... what is the BEST thing u can do at Full House????


Just grab ur camera along. Dump it in ur bag. I assure u... U can spent all the time u want taking pics at the restaurant. No one is there to stop or look at u. Even the waiter is damn eager to help us take pics. He also suggested some nice spot for us too! ( how sweet... ^.^ ) hahaha!


Practically, the whole restaurant is full with pretty props for u to play with. (means we get to take more SS pics!) wuuuhooo~~~ hahahaha.




Nice right? nice right???

The happiest of us all is Adel. She claims that she found her -truelove- wtf.


Maybe sparks doesnt just going around her and the mannequin...... blame the atmosphere! *heartbeats-bobBOBbobPOP*


hahahaha... see the fun??

With just a little bit of imagination... It helps ALOT! ( ignore those weird stares, dun care bout them la ) *wink* Feel the thrill of the excitement of phototakings!

U can be hungry ( greedy ).


U can be sweet ( cute ). omgSoNot.


U can be hot ( sexy ). i'mJoking.


Besides, true feelings normally difficult to hide when ur taking pics. IT SHOWS OBVIOUSLY!! Dont believe, take a look.



Nasty. Nasty. Nasty.

haha. But nevertheless, I still love u my dear. ( i just dont admit ) LOL.

Shit la. I'm so going to miss all my buddies. Damn it.



after HOURS.... we went Pyramid for some window shopping. Yeah..... right~

Since Tracey was having a SERIOUS cough & flu ( hopefully not H1N1 -touchwood- ) and she haven been a good girl. Still have her mind on the durians..... *slap* so, no choice but forced her to drink some BITTER HERBAL TEA!! yuck.


while i taste my SWEET HERBAL TEA!! muawh.


hahaha... Rest more plz my dear. Dun make me spank u OK? ( u know what i meant ) ....... *wink*