Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another chapter rolls...

supposedly i should be writing my journal which i need to hand up tmr. *yucks* nah! dun really have the mood to start writing. Besides, what i'm going through this 2 weeks isnt really good. Perhaps last week can be considered ...... no, definitely the worst week i had in years.

( connie's head turn to me and looking stern! asking me to do my hw........ *meow* ) hahahaha..

Well, last wed.... i've lost my grandma. Never going to forget how every family members stayed beside her till her very last breath. I'm not grieving adi as i know she's gone to somewhere better. Away from her sickness and suffering. But i'm going to miss her. Dearly..... *sniffles*

This week will be busy preparing for my college CC freshie camp! Updates bout it will be up next week ...... =p

Arrgh! Tutorials......... burden. HAHAHAHAHA! so, i better ciao now. Till then. *hugs*