Monday, August 23, 2010

All the things you never knew


Goodness. Don't wanna count how long since i login here to update. MORE THAN A MONTH!

So many things passed and gone. All good memories are meant to be kept and remembered but some things, i just hoped i'll never have to go through again.

I need more time to sort out all my photos before posting it up here. Please be more patient friends.

For now, i'll just update about the event i just went to this evening.

LEE HOM's - The 18 Martial Arts SHOWCASE!

It wasn't really in my Sunday plan to go OneU to catch a glimpse of the S.T.A.R.
But since i have nothing to do, i decided to tag along the other 3 to be packed like 'tuna' with LeeHom's crazily over hyper excited fans.

I seriously thought it was going to be held INSIDE the shopping mall with air-con but NO! I soon realised it was a mistake. OUTDOOR. wtf. It didnt came through my mind that LeeHom was so famous that the shopping mall couldnt fit all of his fans. (>7000 came and supported)


Sigh. We went there around 5.15pm and i can see soooooooo many people already standing under the hot sun waiting for him. Oh well, as the 4 of us didnt get his newest album YET, we have no choice but to sneak in. "Haiya, from the side angle not so nice mar!" hahahaah....


Ok, the session was supposed to start at 6pm but AS USUAL LA! It was until 6.30pm only i can see him. Nearly died in the crowd. Some girls couldn't stand and fainted. Pity. Waited for SO LONG but in the end, got carried out. The weather was seriously too humid. I was all wet with not only my sweat but also thanks to the ppl around me! Eww.

There is this guy and girl, i think they either have something wrong with their nerves system or they're from another country hotter than Malaysia. HE IS WEARING LONG SLEEVES + FURRY TOP and SHE IS WEARING (i dunno what is she wearing actually coz its covered) A BLANKET OVER HER!!!! ok, not to say they bothered me but i'm just being very curious. LOL.

Enough of the talk. Pictures!


Lee Hom came up the stage singing the song - All The Things You Never Knew.





The whole night, my head is stuck with that song. OMG.

Sigh, he only sang one song and then then autograph session starts. So disappointing weih.

Oh, before the autograph session.... he went down to the crowd for group photo! (he still look hot without shades!)





It was worth it la. Partially. Hahahaha.... Should i go for his movie? Hmm.....

Oh, its getting late. Need to rest. Its Monday again!!!!