Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shuk Ching's Dinner


ok, not to worry. Its not her wedding dinner la of course. Its her, my lovely friend who came back from Sabah celebrating her wonderful 21st birthday at her house!


ok, i seriously wasn't aware that its going to be some sort of formal kinda dinner. I thought it was a party, as in a PARTY. hahaha.. but the night was fun. Especially the dinner. Its just like dining in a hotel restaurant. 5 stars definitely. ( thanks to her dad, Uncle Chai ) The food was delicious.


Yeah, this was the half of birthday girls high school mates. The other half which havent arrive all are her Uni mates. Which means.... a bunch of Medic Undergraduates. I will say that i enjoyed myself knowing each and everyone of them. Great personality and attitude.


Cake's turn. OMG! homemade fruit cake by her aunt! seriously nice. Better then those in bakery i dare to say. Suddenly i have the urged to bake a cake. wtf.

Anyway, thanks for the invite Shuk Ching! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope u had a blast just now! Love u always from all of us.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


arrgh. I seriously need a better internet connection. To give me a reason to stay at home watching drama online instead of choosing to go out ( which means spending money ). I need some kind-hearted souls to show their mercy and give me some charity. PLZ PLZ PLZ. hahahaha.

Its been like 3 days since i'm back from Penang. Yeah, i know i'm suppose to blog about it but i really dun have the time!!!! Gosh~ Talking bout that trip, guys... the rashes on my left hand, the left-hand side of my neck and also the right back part of body still there!!!! it didnt get any better. HELP! Is is going to be permanent? damn it. Thank goodness they're not that itchy if not by now i wont even dare to mention bout it.

And the main consequences i have to bear after Penang trip is having a larger appetite. OMG. I just cant stop eating. This is freaking annoying. I thought everything will be back to normal state once i'm back to Subang but no. Last night, went 'yamcha' with Tracey, Adel & Oon. From Station-1 to Tanjung Mamak. Its way past mid-night and i ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung. wtf. Just few hours ago, to be exact would be 2 hours before my dinner, went McD meet up with WeiLing & San. Had ice-cream. Yeah, my craving for ice-cream no longer exist. No more! Had 2 in a row. After 2 bowls of spaghetti, i'm feeling sleepy and later I AM GOING OUT again. This time around, 'yamcha' with Jess, Wood, Philip, Ben, Sian. *banghead* i'm not going to eat anything later. No. I'm just going to drink my old-time-fav-coffee. That's it.

*yawns* i think i need a nap. One hour should be sufficient. Right.........

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Marathon of Movies

hey guys! i'm back from Penang. errr... yesterday la to be exact. If u guys have been following my fb, yeah... bet u guys already knew that. LOL.

Yes, i'm going to post bout my trip but that gotta wait awhile... i'm still finding some spare time to start blogging. I just hope that fb stop telling me that my photos upload FAILED!!!! arrgh. This is damn frustrating. wtf. Blooooooooddy hell. 3 times. 3 times i've tried to upload the album. Still unable to do so. Damn. Guess i'll just do it again tmr. I'm going to bed....

Another thing i'm freaking out now is that i keep spending money. OMIGOSH! i can sooooo predict that my bank account is now blinking with warning sign! Shopping and having good foods everyday. wtf. I'm so eating ZAP FAN from now on. Or just plain white bread la. HAHA!

In a week, i've watched like 4 movies. Sometimes u just need to reward urself after one month of battle with examinations. Right??

1. The Time Traveler's Wife


This movie was not bad la. For a romantic touch kinda movie. Yeah, there are some parts i did drop few tears. But i find it slightly draggy. Perhaps i should read the book as i heard that it was way better compared to the movie. Rating : 6/10

2. 2012


hmmm............ The story line of this movie was kinda predictable la. Nice but its like one of those movies talking bout when world is about to come to an end. How human going to face it and so. Somehow the whole road cracking disaster thingy looked fake. And yeah, tooooo long. Sit till butt pain. HAHA! But i guess its worth a watch when ur free. Rating : 5/10

3. A Christmas Carol


ok. This! i've read the story book back then but i forgotten some parts of it. So, i find this quite interesting. However, in the middle i almost fell asleep. Hahaha... There are some funny scene and SCARY ones which really gave both esther and bee a good shout. LOL. A light-hearted movie to watch. Go for it ppl. =p Rating : 6/10

4. The Box


I wasn't looking forward for this movie at all. Thanks to YAP LI SAN! ( who laughed so loud when she found out i went for this movie ) who told me i have to go watch it. I didnt believe her obviously but bee somehow tricked esther, philip & me to watch it. Arrgh!! i almost got heart attacked. Half of the time in the cinema me and esther was hugging each other coz its seriously thrilling and we keep wondering what the hell this movie is about. Its not supposed to be a horror movie i pressume...... But the whole movie was so suspense that i keep wanting to know what is going to happen next. Although till the end... i have NO IDEA what was the point of the entire movie. Still..... i find this movie was kinda interesting. Despite not knowing what's going on la. HAHAH! Rating : 6.5/10

p/s : oh shit. Its almost 5.30 am. I should be in bed. Yes, i should. *sigh*

Friday, November 20, 2009



3 days after i finished my finals. Enjoying every bits of it.


  • Drama... drama.... and more drama....
  • Shopping! ( Urgent - plz find the antibiotic for this virus b4 getting out of control )
  • Eat. Sleep. EAT & sleep. EATTTTTTTTTTT......
  • drama.
  • Shopping again.
  • Eat + sleep.....

omg. This is how i spent my last 3 days. wtF. So pointless.... But so what? i'm on holiday now. Isn't this how life supposed to be?


Yesterday went for a trip to Pavilion. LOL. The reason behind it.... *grin* ( i love pink & purple )


And of course, thanks to Jason. We finally know how to be a good citizen of Malaysia. ( inside joke )

New terms :
  1. Dua-puluh-Satu selama-lamanya
  2. Kedai paling atas
  3. Lelaki atas
  4. Jurulatih
  5. Teka
  6. Sepotong atas
  7. Buka kapas
  8. Tarik dan Beruang
  9. Lebih daripada sushi
  10. Daun paku-pakis

Others i cant remember adi la. I'm sure there will be much more after my Penang trip. Oh ya! i'm going Penang tomorrow!! *excited*


Isn't Xmas like another month more? I wonder will u still be here JESSICA LOKE!


Later tonight movie marathon!!! Time-traveler's Wife & 2012. I dun wanna put my expectation too high for both the movies. Just in case......


I just found out that my holiday is only till end of DECEMBER. How sad how sad. But then again, i'm looking forward to the new semester! We all are. xoxo~


To our future! Cheers~

( i just got my results. Bye bye future. ARRGH~ ) EMO. EMO. EMO. ( later cry in the cinema la )

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Russia-there u go.

Hey big boy,


In like less than 7 hours later, u'll be on ur way to pursue ur dream of becoming a medical practitioner. Sorry for not able to send u off to sky. Haha. But i did spent like 4 hours having lunch with u today right? So ok la. Dun so kira.


Well, since i went to uni like one & half years ago.. we hardly see each other. Like one month not more than 5 days? ok la. The blame is on me coz i'm like never home and when i do, ur eyes only staring at ur laptop monitor. LOL.

I'll just post up some pics in case either of us forget how each other looks like. ( u MIGHT be too busy with those hot russian chicks and as for me, i'll be busy...... shhhh~ )







OK la. Take care in Russia. Wishing u all the best. Be good to the girls over there. (Bring at least one back next year) HAHA! bye bye... =p


p.s. : Take a pic of mummy's BENGKAK eyes. Hope she doesn't flood up the airport!

Getting to the last.

Yes. Finally its coming to an end. Tuesday i would say.

After 30 hours straight without sleeping.

Not eating for over 24 hours.

We realized we need a rest.


From our November daily routine.

Stepping to Sunway.

Yuen-Steamboat Buffet for the night.

Exciting. Satisfying. Relaxing.

Another task awaits us all.

For our last fight.

But lets wait till tomorrow.

Enjoy our night to the fullest.

Be grateful with what u have.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 Quickies!

1. I'm now currently still hanging out in my room in Subang. Will be back to PJ around evening.

2. Exam starting like on WEDNESDAY! omg omg omg.

3. Since last night, i've got 2 EVIL DEVILS forcing me to watch all their fav. Kpop videos from uTube. DAMN. I got addicted. And i cant stop watching for hours. wtf.

4. Had breakfast today with mummy. Shocking right? Since when i still have breakfast? haha.

5. I won't be in Subang till the end of Nov. It hurts. Sigh.

6. I'm listening to Korean POP songs!!!!!!!!!! wtf. I need to stop right now. STOP.

7. Going for a movie date with my baby later. Dated me like 9 hours ago. ( MJ -This is IT )

8. I actually miss my roommate. Errrr..... Abit la. LOL.

9. Last night, i got scared by my dad! Imagine that. 4 am! I just walked out from toilet and he just grab my hands. wtf. ( i didnt scold it out of course ) And for what? To 'kepoh' about something that's going on outside our house..... further details, i'll tell u guys when i meet u. HAHA! This is just a quickie.

10. The most important! STUDY! i'm studying. YES I AM! (i am not lying - and this is a lie)