Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Marathon of Movies

hey guys! i'm back from Penang. errr... yesterday la to be exact. If u guys have been following my fb, yeah... bet u guys already knew that. LOL.

Yes, i'm going to post bout my trip but that gotta wait awhile... i'm still finding some spare time to start blogging. I just hope that fb stop telling me that my photos upload FAILED!!!! arrgh. This is damn frustrating. wtf. Blooooooooddy hell. 3 times. 3 times i've tried to upload the album. Still unable to do so. Damn. Guess i'll just do it again tmr. I'm going to bed....

Another thing i'm freaking out now is that i keep spending money. OMIGOSH! i can sooooo predict that my bank account is now blinking with warning sign! Shopping and having good foods everyday. wtf. I'm so eating ZAP FAN from now on. Or just plain white bread la. HAHA!

In a week, i've watched like 4 movies. Sometimes u just need to reward urself after one month of battle with examinations. Right??

1. The Time Traveler's Wife


This movie was not bad la. For a romantic touch kinda movie. Yeah, there are some parts i did drop few tears. But i find it slightly draggy. Perhaps i should read the book as i heard that it was way better compared to the movie. Rating : 6/10

2. 2012


hmmm............ The story line of this movie was kinda predictable la. Nice but its like one of those movies talking bout when world is about to come to an end. How human going to face it and so. Somehow the whole road cracking disaster thingy looked fake. And yeah, tooooo long. Sit till butt pain. HAHA! But i guess its worth a watch when ur free. Rating : 5/10

3. A Christmas Carol


ok. This! i've read the story book back then but i forgotten some parts of it. So, i find this quite interesting. However, in the middle i almost fell asleep. Hahaha... There are some funny scene and SCARY ones which really gave both esther and bee a good shout. LOL. A light-hearted movie to watch. Go for it ppl. =p Rating : 6/10

4. The Box


I wasn't looking forward for this movie at all. Thanks to YAP LI SAN! ( who laughed so loud when she found out i went for this movie ) who told me i have to go watch it. I didnt believe her obviously but bee somehow tricked esther, philip & me to watch it. Arrgh!! i almost got heart attacked. Half of the time in the cinema me and esther was hugging each other coz its seriously thrilling and we keep wondering what the hell this movie is about. Its not supposed to be a horror movie i pressume...... But the whole movie was so suspense that i keep wanting to know what is going to happen next. Although till the end... i have NO IDEA what was the point of the entire movie. Still..... i find this movie was kinda interesting. Despite not knowing what's going on la. HAHAH! Rating : 6.5/10

p/s : oh shit. Its almost 5.30 am. I should be in bed. Yes, i should. *sigh*