Saturday, March 28, 2009

the rush of Adrenaline

The world favorite sport - or i should just say MY favorite sport - is BACK! *jumpsWithJoy*

If u have no idea what i'm talking about, u should get a newspaper today and read the sports section. =p

Just finish watching the qualifying round for the race. Goodness me! i wanna go Australia!!! oh well, or maybe just Sepang Circuit is good enough la. Shouldn't be too greedy. Next Week next week..... i seriously want to buy ticket di. *dilemma* but my finals coming like SO SO SO soon. wtf! *slap*. - hurt -

Oh wait. Getting back on track, WHAT HAPPEN to those successful & powerful teams like Ferrari and Mclaren-Mercedes? shit. Kimi Raikkonen only qualify in 9th position!!! wtf. *kickHisButt* I can't believe what i just witnessed. The new team Brawn-Mercedes actually got a one-two position!!..... *screams* NOOOOOOOO.............. ( Ferrari, u better do ur job well. If not i switch to support Brawn instead. Haha! )

Aiks. another hour gone. Programming?? -sigh-

Turn to kick start my job. ISH ISH ISH! ( i need my adrenaline too.. where are u? )

Sunday, March 22, 2009


i think i need to put myself in there. HOW? WHY? arrgh... just annoyed with myself lately. .......

i've been using up my time getting ready for my college MGS as u all notice. Even after that night, i've still wondering around doing things i'm not suppose to do at this critical time now. I need to put my head in my studies!!!!! if not i'll be in deep trouble. *cries*.... HELP!!!!! ok, i find it kinda useless saying all this here. Its better for me to use my time get started with my books right? i know i know. wtf!

*knock-head* - 3 times.

Recap on MGS. well, that night wasnt anything spectacular la. The food they serve suck in my opinion. Even eating at USJ2 coffee shop is so much more delicious. Haha... Basically i spent my whole night taking pics and.......taking pics of course. Yup, uploaded in 'muka buku' ( quoted by carol ). Then had a 'fun' experience after that dinner. Hahahaha..... nine of us trying hard to find our right spot. In the end..... stuck at Asia Cafe. Never forget how far we went. =p Still laugh about it when i think back. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Tmr will be a long day as usual. MONDAY. *sighs*
Assignments... Exams.... Lectures... Tutorials....
For those who going through the same phase as me, LETS STRIVE ON together. =p

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A kit-kat Moment

keke! its been a pretty hectic week and finally.... a time to take a short break from it. =p together with 3 soul-mates, shopping for our college 'prom' ( i assume it is la. - Malam Gemilang Sepuluh ) Ah! anyhow its still a dinner. Haha!

FYI, i'm having another mid term test next 2 days. so i cant be using my time giving details about what happen in one-u & sunway pyramid yesterday. Posting up some pics here as a quickie.















p.s : I treasure every moment of it.
Love u all always. xoxo!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Philip Beh & Benjamin Sim! u two better watch out. I'm going to find my gang one day and balas dendam!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha.

FYI, i was stress-free + hapilly sitting in front of my tv ,in my pyjamas, eating chocolates and enjoying badminton match between the world champion ( Lee Chong Wei ) and Olympic champion ( Lin Dan ). Until my phone rang!

The two souls. Just because u guys can't entertain urself, is it a must to pull me along? ok la, i dont mind going yam-cha BUT philip, u GENG adi. now u got friend. Together can *high 5* with him bully me la! u wait. When Ben not beside u.. *wicked-laugh* Summore bring me go McD. That's not the point. Point is u guys keep saying i cant afford to eat! ( not in terms of money ) .......cries..........

I am so going to change into THE FANTASY GIRL! hahaha...
shhh.... secret! *wink wink*

p.s : philip, ur story wins today! *shouts* - philip KOR KOR! hahahahaha... SO cute!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Subang Kid Once More!

Obvious! Its just too obvious that i'm back to my home again! *jumpping joy* I never thought i would miss Subang this much! wakakakakakaka.......... u cant blame me alright? staying in hostel for almost 4 weeks. ( to those 3 who went visited my hostel condition and almost cried ) Sigh....

Basically, i'm hoping to get back to my old routines like those days before i enter Uni. Dont get me wrong, i really did enjoy my time with all my Uni-soul-mates. er, not ALL but, most of them. HAHAHAHA... *silence* There're few things that happen lately. Which i dont think its suitable to discuss the whole matter HERE! Anyway, i just wish that those who did wrong seriously get their head and brain together and think over. Stop putting blames on others. Look and realize the things u have done to urself or ppl around you. Sometimes, when u think that u didnt get the fair treatment from others, Stop and take a break. Reflect whether u treat others with fairness or NOT. Lying is always a dead end to all kinds of relationship. Who in the world like being lied by ur friends or those u care? Maybe once, u can forgive. But more than once??? Many times??????? i duno bout others. As for me, i would just answer WTH. I dont CARE! Do whatever u like. *in deep thoughts* *sad*

Should i talk about friendship now? Arrgh. For those who know, i REALLY REALLY wanted to scold out loud. I have to admit that i care friends more than my family. I mean, everyone can put their priorities differently and i'm not blaming those who put their family, studies or career at their TOP of the list. But, treating friends like S.H.I.T, i will always look down on YOU! Hurting them???? or being there when u need something from them and disappears when u are happy with ur life? PLEASE! Just get lost forever ok? For those who USED friends, you should be ashame of ur act.. Get a mirror! Look into it. DID u see a human face or an ugly beast? Answer it.

Sorry for diverting my whole point of this post.

back back!! hehe... =p i'm actually in a very good mood. Went OTK again with my buddies and laugh out loud until we all seems like having athsma attack. OK, i'm exaggerating over here. Anyway, i'm just trying to EXPRESS how happy and stress free am i. Muahahahha... I love u all. Muaxx!! But guys, we NEED to find another place to hang out. OTK is getting more and more expensive and the white coffee kinda suck this days. I dunno the standards bout Lemon tea.... just, find us one new place. *doubt* i got a feeling i'll be sitting inside OTK real soon. faints! Yes, after Sian-the-cinderella-who-needs-to-get-home-sharp-midnight, Amelia and Jess went back home, this Yap Li San suddenly have the urge to go for Nasi Lemak at 12.30am. Due to her serious indecisive symptom, me and tracey practically giving her some useless advise on whether to go mamak anot. SWT..... (whole piece of craps) In the end, we went Anggerik located few rows behind my house. And guess who i meet there??? WAH! my long lost classmates. Benedict and Hoy Keat. First whom i never saw since graduate from Form5 and the later, which i coincidentally meet last year at Asia Cafe. So berjodoh~ hahaha.... wth! Anyway, its really fun yam-cha-ing with u guys. and LONG TIME NO SEE!

OMG. i forgot i need to find information for my assignments. Shit. gtg ppl... till we meet next time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


nobody likes to listen to a long crappy talk. Its annoying, boring and a waste of time. even most interesting presentation, after 2 hours the most, i'm sure ppl get distracted. How saddening the world can be. HAHAHA! shit, i sound like a crazy woman. Anyway, my updates here are not so frequent nowadays NOT because my life isn't interesting or lifeless, I have tons of assignments awaiting me and i still got a very serious virus attacking me. ( laziness ) wtf!

but since Yesterday was my beloved Brader-Holim & Sista-Emily's birthday, i'll just kick my butt up here at blogspot again. *sigh* But then, i saw Frank's blog few minutes ago. He already posted about the celebration last night. What's the point of saying it here all over again? Right???? so, just click on to his blog and check it out. Pics are available at my facebook photo-album! Enjoy ~

p.s : FRANK TAN! can dun copy me & bee anot? What *wink wink*.... cis! create ur own la. *bluek*