Sunday, March 22, 2009


i think i need to put myself in there. HOW? WHY? arrgh... just annoyed with myself lately. .......

i've been using up my time getting ready for my college MGS as u all notice. Even after that night, i've still wondering around doing things i'm not suppose to do at this critical time now. I need to put my head in my studies!!!!! if not i'll be in deep trouble. *cries*.... HELP!!!!! ok, i find it kinda useless saying all this here. Its better for me to use my time get started with my books right? i know i know. wtf!

*knock-head* - 3 times.

Recap on MGS. well, that night wasnt anything spectacular la. The food they serve suck in my opinion. Even eating at USJ2 coffee shop is so much more delicious. Haha... Basically i spent my whole night taking pics and.......taking pics of course. Yup, uploaded in 'muka buku' ( quoted by carol ). Then had a 'fun' experience after that dinner. Hahahaha..... nine of us trying hard to find our right spot. In the end..... stuck at Asia Cafe. Never forget how far we went. =p Still laugh about it when i think back. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Tmr will be a long day as usual. MONDAY. *sighs*
Assignments... Exams.... Lectures... Tutorials....
For those who going through the same phase as me, LETS STRIVE ON together. =p