Tuesday, June 30, 2009


today. I woke up around 1pm.

today. I watched a Singapore movie which name i forgotten.

today. I looked at the clock thinking what to do for the whole afternoon.

today. I called my dear.

today. I decided to go PJ find my dear.

today. I drove to UM.

today. I finally get to meet my dear after 2 months.

today. I'm excited.

today. I went to Wong Kok with dear.


today. Dear was so busy.


today. Dear left me alone for almost an hour.

today. I had no choice but to entertained myself.



today. I went to see my new room at Ken3.

today. I went yc at Prince with dear again.


today. I want to thank dear for accompany me.


Love u!! *wink*

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tracking back to L.T.

Great escape. This is what Tracey said bout the trip. Now i feel like going back there again. Wasn't in the perfect mood when i woke up today but its going to get better i hope. Since i have no plans of getting out of my room whole day, why not take some time to flash back memories of me and my gangs during our vacation at Lang Tengah.

Lang Tengah Island
off the coast of Terengganu is one of the nation's well-kept secrets. Its arresting beauty can easily captivate you while you are there. Crystal clear sea-water, pristine beaches and untouched tropical jungle. Its arresting beauty lingers forever in your memory. An island you can call your own, private and tranquil.

- Obviously, i didnt write that out myself. Taken from some web page after i googled it. Haha -

I cant remember how we ended up deciding on going Lang Tengah for this holiday but i'm glad we did! Its part of the journey of my life now which i'll remember it always. Wait, this sounds like i'm ending my post. HAHAHA! sorry guys....

On the lovely night on June 19th - from Subang Jaya ( the place i'm staying ) to Terrengganu is definitely nowhere near. Gosh. Since we're on small budgets, we decided to go on a bus ride! Fine la, 8 hours of butt ache only wert. I can deal with it. No problem *wink* hahaha. With all my friends around, come on! 8 hours surely will just be blink of an eye.

First thing u can do in the bus - CAMwhoring!


how sweet is that! hahaha. Did anyone mention before that u could gain weight during bus ride? Now i'm telling u!! Take note of this ok. Bus driver loves to stop almost every hour for us or himself to go to the wash room. Yeah, but i hate it. Because McD is EVERYWHERE!!!!! and its difficult to resists having cold Ice-cream & hot French-fries right?? *sigh* I've been having this combination for idunnohowmanytimescozilostcount this 2 months.


Remember the mountain of junks we brought along? ARRGH! hate it. love it more.

8 hours later...

We arrived safely at Kuala Terrenganu bus stop. And we never thought what awaiting us there is ANOTHER HOUR++ OF BUS RIDE to the jetty. *faint*

Nevertheless, we get to visit the newly built airport! since most of them are having their short nap again... only me, tracey & woody decided to tour around. Its was an amazing explore right guys? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Lets take a front view of the airport....


The pic u going to see next wasn't suppose to be like this.. the main thing is to have the whole 'fountain' in the picture. Blame the lady photographer la. *sigh*


Lucky thing for us, we found out the other part of airport!! *wink* we could spend hours there..... LOL!



okie! Time is chasing... finally on the speedboat to our desire-dream-land. LANG TENGAH!


The view from the speedboat is so captivating! OMG... how can u not fell in love?

we are so so so totally EXCITED! need a prove? NAH!


Let share a new lala-pose Jess just thought us! DramaQueen is her middle name la i tell u!!!! hahahaha.


Jumping off from the speedboat, once our feet touches the beach.... *SCREAMS* the sand we're stepping are damn bloody soft, smooth & fine. Someone said its just like flour. Seriously.... gosh, i miss u.

After unpacking and lunch...

the moment we've been waiting for! Snorkeling at Marine Park! >.<



oMIgosh. All those sour pain which we endure to reach here... gone. Dissapear. just like that. *Pooff*

never ever forget to take a group picture. Owh.. Perfect!


i bet nothing could be better than hanging around with buddies at a place like this. Bright-sun-shinning... snowy-white-Sand... crystal-clear-blue-Sea! *melt*



( ahem.ahem. Jess, u should be grateful that i didnt crop u out from this pic! ) hahahaha....

..... sorry guys. I planned to finish the first part of my trip today but I've been distracted by Golden Melody Award and also MJ's concert. Michael Jackson is truly a POP KING! his concert seriously was so jaw-dropping. His fans OVER crazy until i was so shocked. Imagine every minute got ppl faint and get carried out from the stadium. wtf! *salute* What i admire most of MJ is his dancing! damn it man! PERFECT! r.i.p. ( so, i shall continue my post asap la! bye for now. )

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just got back from my Lang Tengah trip around 10 last night. Still feeling exhausted from the trip so i cant move my butt to go round Subang collecting pics from others. Later perhaps. =p

Since i dun really want my blog latest post remains the same old one for more than a week, i decided to just fill it up with pics taken from my Karaoke session with my buddies. On that very morning b4 i leave for Lang Tengah.

Pic 1 : me & buddy woody


Pic 2 : sian, trac & sze


Pic 3 : me, sian & trac


In order to get all 5 of us in one pic, we have no other choice but to put self-timer! buddy woddy is the one placing the camera and press the button b4 running back to her position. Thanks alot buddy woody. yeah.. and this attempt does not go very well.... HAHAHA!'

Tryout ONE : sian clearly wasn't ready at all.....


Tryout TWO : hahaha.. buddy woddy cant make it in time!


Success ~ 1 : FINALLY! buddy woody decided to jump instead of run this time! wuhh!!


After seeing a successful picture taken, more attempts were made. BUT...

Tryout THREE : oh my, now sze follow suit together with sian and buddy woddy. *sigh*


Dun worry. We never gave up!

Tryout FOUR : Arrgh! buddy woddy's fault again!


And at last!

Success ~ 2 : hurray! cheers~~~


Hahaha.. I love u guys. *wink*

While waiting for others to settle their needs outside the restroom....... TA-DAH!



Congrats buddy woddy. Ur cam-whoring techniques now are kick-ass-good. LOL.

SO, after karaoke.. back to reality. We need to prepare for our Lang Tengah trip. Time to do some SNACK-shopping!!


oh goodness, i haven eat my lunch and now its 5pm. I'm hungry. =(

Shall go grab something now and hopefully the sun sets earlier today then i'll be on my way to collect pics from benbi & tracey! buh-Bye!

Friday, June 19, 2009


woohOOOO! I'm going Lang Tengah later tonight! i'm so excited. ( er, not really la. When i thought of the packing and 8 hours bus ride ).... But still, hanging around with my buddies... WAHAHAHAH!! i know i'm going to enjoy this trip. *hugs*. I seriously love u guys.

Will be back Monday night. Hopefully i dun get sun-burn. Please pray for me! *wink*. Arrgh. Gonna miss Subang. And sorry daddy, i cant celebrate Father's Day with u. I'll make it up to u ok? hehehe.... Hope u like the present i prepared for u. Love u always. =p

Wait for me to come back ppl. Cheers~~~

Monday, June 15, 2009

leisurely life wanted

Arrgh! looking at the calender. Damn! my holiday is almost half gone! oh wait. Its half GONE! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... this is saddening. I'm depressed. *sobs* Today, i did my course registration for Year2. Not so much of being freshmen anymore. Definition of getting O.L.D. ( i seriously hate those 3 letters ) hahaha... well, no one can run away from it right? BIG BIG *sigh*.

So basically, i'm supposed to wake up at 9am SHARP to get my course registration going. The thinking of u might not get a place in any course is just disturbing. Haha! But, an hour b4 the time i expect myself to open my eyes..... guess what! my mum SHAKE me up. I thought got what emergency la, and *gaps* OMG! she bought me a bowl of yee mee!! wth. Its soup so i had to get my ass off my bed to eat it. *SCREAMS*..... i seriously cant believe this is happening. I hate yee mee now!

Letting go of the yee mee complaints, i'm now stuck with Grey's Anatomy again. Watched it through my whole afternoon. I like Dr. Karev! although he is a bastard. Haha... a HOT one la. HAHAHAHAHAHA! surgeons.

NUMBER 21. I wanted to write something / anything / everything bout my 21 but NAH! i was too lazy. I hate myself. ARRGH! lazy of doing anything. wtF. Oh, i have something to confess. I watched Hannah Montana again yesterday! HAHAHAHAHAHA! sorry beeting! i know i should have waited for u but... i have nothing to do when i was walking around ONE U alone. My parents and bro went off watching Drag Me To Hell.


I've watched that movie. Preview summore. Together with my buddy Wood, Stick & Benbi. Hahahaha.... how we hate handkerchief now right??

And not forgetting the ever good-looking ZAC AFRON!


Never stop *drooling* over him.... hahahaha *wink-wink*

Jess, remember to go watch ok? Oh ya. i read ur post bout FOO SHIN YEEN! sakai la u. What is going in ur mind huh? trying to make me emo izit. ISH! EVIL.... yes, stop reminding me why are u still here in malaysia. But i guess, before long i might change my ques to U REALLY GOING TO LEAVE MALAYSIA? .................. arrgh! i dun want to talk so much here la. We dun need all this soft-talking-sweet-writing thingy right? hahahaha... u know secretly how i *cough* ... you. HAHAHAHAHAHA! shit. Disturbing.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


hello guys! i apologize for leaving my blog alone for quite some time. I've been really busy. Not to mention how tired i am right now. But finally, i get a whole day by myself alone at home to update my blog!! weeee~~~~

ok, what have i been up to the past week? I'm working as a Part-timer at 2009 Movie Carnival!


*blast* the overall experience is GREAT! Ten days of working plus fun. Starting to miss it abit..... hahahaha! Dont get me wrong ok? i'm not a workaholic. Blah! =p Gained alot from this movie carnival. Not just the point that i got paid la of course.. I met some old friends as well as making new ones! Keep in touch guys! *wink*

- Bee, we survived! -

- Whole gang of colleague -

- cheers -

- girl power. wtf! -

- LUCKY loco! -

Hahahahahaah!! okok. More pics will be uploaded at facebook asap!!

After 10 hectic days....

time for us to relax babe!! so, me & bee went to Pyramid AGAIN!!! for the 11th time in a row but this time around just mainly for shopping and movie. HAHA!

Cam-whoring is definitely a must-do! right guys? hahaha..




Thanks for the Sushi baby!!! love u. *wink* Lets go another time ok? hahaha.. remember the sitting, then we both can have LIGHTS! wtf.

Movie for the day! HANNAH MONTANA. lol.


hey ppl, this movie is overall good ok. For those who loves the sound track / HSM fans / popcorn movie lovers, this movie is a MUST to watch. Unless ur those anti-musical movie goers or u swear that u only will watch action-thrilled movie, then no need la. HAHAHA!!!

That's all for now. Updates on my birthday surprise will be up before long! *toodles*