Monday, May 31, 2010

The remaining few minutes.

fyi, i'll be starting my internship tomorrow!!! Ok, i'm not exactly nervous bout it but just the thought of going work early morning (which includes traffic jam) and ending my work at 5.30pm when the traffic is most heavy again really bothers me. Arrgh. Anyway, all the best to all my coursemates that are having their internship this 6 months!!! Tell me all ur experience throughout the whole period okie?

Just a short post bout my holiday trip last week.

*oops, starbucks closing. Sorry guys. Update when i got the chance*


Friday, May 21, 2010

Bounty Hunter

The trailer of this movie was great. But not the movie itself. Most of the funny scenes are already shown in the trailer. And i almost doze of at the beginning of half an hour when movie started. Kinda boring i would say. But anyhow, Jennifer Aniston is still hot. LOL! Erm, worth watching it for RM6 but definitely not RM13.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flash again!

Today, had a wonderful time at Sunway Convention Center working again as Flash Mob Dancers. Especially with the 8 cute bears. Omg. I'm thinking of switching to Celcom u know.... wtf. Just joking....

Dinner date with 3 other lovelies! My tummy was still bloating right now. Its like past 4 hours since our Korean BBQ!


Dropped by the new Murni @ Taipan. Meet up a big bunch of Seafieldiens. Goodness gracious. What a reunion kind of meeting up. Table hopping was tiring but damn fun!!! HAHAHA.

Oh, back to the topic. Dance-mob!!

We're suppose to rehearse at 10am but i dunno for whatsoever reason, we were told that rehearsal postponed. So, me & Elaine went munch-munch at Paparich!

-my breakfast!


Sneak peak at the convention center!!!


It was only until about 12 plus, we got our cue to rehearse. But, just a short and brief one.

Since event gonna start like after 3....... self entertaining is all we can do. LOL!


Elaine just text me say she misses those blue bears dearly. Me too me too!!! =(

-with Englbear!

-with Bearitalia!

-with Beargentina & the sweet Rhiana!

p.s. : Special thanks to Uncle ABC, who gave us water when we're tired while waiting. Another big thanks to 3 of you. I know we are strangers but the helped u gave us, we will never forget. THANK YOU again. Hope we meet some day! Hahaha.... *wink*

Monday, May 17, 2010

Waiting for shooting stars...

I have some secret wishes to make. Hoping and praying it will be fulfilled~ Will there be any shooting stars awaiting me tonight? Sigh.

Oh, was suppose to be in cinema Iron Man 2-ing but plans changed to OTK. Great time with u guys too. Hahaha..... Sing k next round alright? Tonight too tired di lar my loves.

Right, finally i manage to meet up with my love for 22 years. Hahahaha..... someone who known me since i was 3 months old!!! U guys will never know what we both did TOGETHER before since we meet. wtf. Anyway, a day out with her was more than awesome!



I realized when we're younger, we dun usually cam-whore that much weihh... Or we did. Cant remember. Next time i gonna scan our ancient pics and post up k? But must find those can be shown wan lar. Some i see adi i also faint. Better keep inside our drawers forever!! LOL~



Please text me again when ur free okie!!!! Owhhhhh... miss u so much adi. And remember to bring out the drama u wanna lend me!


Love u dear!!

Almost forgot, i meet up with my high school friends on Thurs - Steamboat! And later session at Station One was a blast.


To Miss Cheok, please come back asap. I'm waiting to party with u babeh! LOL~

Two days ago, i went Flash Mob dancing with Tracey and Elaine! Had so much fun working. By far the best job ever!!! Tomorrow will be the last session with everyone and the 8 cute bears!! Bet elaine gonna to be super emotional by the end of the day tmr. Hahahaha... *dont cry okie*

@Tropicana City Mall

@Sungai Wang

@Times Square


The one and only pic of the bears and US!


But tmr we have to wear formal... whole day!!! omfg. Sunway convention center here we come~ LOL! Am so excited! Yay!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Just came back from OTK with Trac, Adel, Ju, Arwin & Sean. Coughing still. Sigh. I'm starting to doubt self-heal. wtf.

After few days of bumming around at home doing nothing besides watching drama, decided to go shopping with Trac! Its been quite a long time since we hang out alone like that.... Dinner at Ajisen Ramen along with catching up on everything~ Sayang, faster pick a date for a longer shopping session k? *wink* after all ur assignments of course.

Last Friday was our first time to Empire Shopping Gallery. Went there to visit Elaine who is working at a baby clothes shop with an egg tart! Hahahaaha.... Thanks to her, we both get discount for our startbucks. Love u dear! *hugs*

- Trac dreaming of being a princess. Well, i used to call her 'paper princess' too. LOL! -


After admiring the price of Ed Hardy, I rushed back to PJ to settle my condo contracts and etc. Had a massive clean-up session with rommie connie and rach!! OMG! U should see how clean is my room and toilet. wtf.

That night, went to Curve with my love ones. Celebrate the freefromexammentaltorture! Had dinner at Bubba Gump.




Er, i didnt quite like the food. I mean for the price u pay, not worth. I would definitely prefer Tony Romas. So, say GO TONY instead of Bubba.







But i would say that the environment was quite good. Especially the bottom floor. Love their decorations!!

Ended the night not at Sanctuary or Laundry but McD. wtf. Hahahaha... It was great though. Talking back and joke about our childhood memories. Some stories really can give u a great laugh no matter how grey u feel at that moment. Shall wait for the next semester to re-opens where we can hang out once again!!! Missing all of u.

Love u guys big big big bunch!

p.s. : I'm so damn looking forward to our Redang trip!!! Yay!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Post Exam Party!

Before i start bla-bling on my stories, i would like to wish all moms' a Happy Mothers Day. Ok, i feel superb bad and guilty for giving my mum such trouble on this day. Instead of giving her at least a day off, she needs to take care of her sick daughter which is - me. Sigh! Sorry mummy. I'll ganti back a better celebration for u k? Or i help u cook dinner for 3 days lah! Good? Hahahaha. I got another idea. Tmr morning i help u sweep the floor and mop the floor! =p

*ohshitwtfomgwtharrrghhh* i suddenly remembered something!!!!! DAMN IT! I think i put my jeans into the washing machine! This is not what i'm screaming about. My movie tickets is inside!!!!!!!!!! Emooo emoooo emoooooooooooooo =( How can i be so careless. Slap me! =(

Sigh. Forget it. Totally spoiled my mood. Happy thoughts! I need happy thoughts now!!

I'll just post pics up to make myself happy.


All these cam whoring pics taken last Tues where i have no idea what happen to Federal Highway. I was stuck in the lane for more than one and half hours! I practically going mad in the car alone! Ya, from now on i'll try not to drive alone. I hate driving alone. Its so freaking boring!!! Can u imagine listening to Justin Bieber - Baby like 3 times or Jason Derulo - In my head for like uncountable times?? U get my frustration right? Hahaha.....

Oh well, i was actually heading to Pyramid meeting up with my girls. Its been so long since the 4 of us hang out! Was seriously short of time the whole semester plus we're now in different majors which means we only get to see each other during dinner. Ouch~ Nevermind. We still manage to cope with it. *wink*


Decided to have Papa Johns for the night.


Miss their garlic bread weih. Lets go have tea the next time alright?



Darling went back to Johor today. Hmm.... gonna miss u. *hugs*


Love this pic of baby. And cant wait to go Redang with u and Rachie Mama!! weeett~ Remember bring ur bikinis back to the beach!


Okie. Still not in a good mood. Head starts to spin adi. Goodnight everyone. Will continue with my post tmr.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Its holiday but i'm sick.

Its the 5th day after my finals. Arrgh. I'm suppose to be enjoying but just too bad. I have to be sick at this time. I hate fever. ISH! Looking at com screen actually makes my headache worst but nah, i couldn't care much. Just wanna at least post something up here. Didnt wanna wait anymore since now i'm sort of just bumming around at home....

So, updates? Hmm.. Oh my. My last post was exactly a month ago. April 9th. Well, better late then never right. Finals, nothing excited about it. But its going to be the last i'm taking this year. Next semester i'm not going for classes anymore but having internship at IBM. Do find me lunch if ur somewhere nearby Damansara Uptown ok? Its kinda mix feelings for me lah. I always wanted to work but part of me still thinks a student's life is the best. Sigh. Guess no matter what my mind thinks, everything still have to follow the path i've chosen. Anyway, all the best for me myself and i. First day of work on 1st June which is still weeks away. Let's not go into that topic first shall we.

Hmm, few weeks ago i'm just busy with assignments and studies of course. Still manage to draw some time hanging out though. I couldnt let my life to be seriously-totally DRY right? LOL! Cut the crap and just some pics update ok.

Part 1 - Amelia's 22nd Birthday!





Its not a big celebration i know, but hope u like it my dear. Wonder what is ur bday wish? Get 4.0 this semester? Anyhow, hope throughout ur 22, u get the best of everything!!! Love u.

Part 2 - Elaine's 22nd Birthday!





Hey gurl, got miss my egg tarts not? LOL! May u be blessed throughout ur 22 too!! Xoxo~

Part 3 - Ah Xian's Dim Sum





Ok, to be honest.... I won't recommend any of my friends to dim sum here. Unless u never eat dim sum in ur entire life, u can try but i dare say u'll get better, tastier dim sum some other place. The day was such great disappointment for the 6 of us. We were so anxious to try out the so-called famous dim sum but arrgh.... what a dismay. Even the shop main dim sum - the lao sha bao, we have to force each other to finished it. The rest of the dim sum, a bigger and louder sigh. Texture of the siu-mai, fish ball etc really suck. Only thing we find it delicious is the nuo-mai-gai. Credits for that.

Next post will be on something more recent. Hahaha. Still need to continue unpack and repack my stuff. Sigh~

p.s. I realized i chopped my hair too much. =(