Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flash again!

Today, had a wonderful time at Sunway Convention Center working again as Flash Mob Dancers. Especially with the 8 cute bears. Omg. I'm thinking of switching to Celcom u know.... wtf. Just joking....

Dinner date with 3 other lovelies! My tummy was still bloating right now. Its like past 4 hours since our Korean BBQ!


Dropped by the new Murni @ Taipan. Meet up a big bunch of Seafieldiens. Goodness gracious. What a reunion kind of meeting up. Table hopping was tiring but damn fun!!! HAHAHA.

Oh, back to the topic. Dance-mob!!

We're suppose to rehearse at 10am but i dunno for whatsoever reason, we were told that rehearsal postponed. So, me & Elaine went munch-munch at Paparich!

-my breakfast!


Sneak peak at the convention center!!!


It was only until about 12 plus, we got our cue to rehearse. But, just a short and brief one.

Since event gonna start like after 3....... self entertaining is all we can do. LOL!


Elaine just text me say she misses those blue bears dearly. Me too me too!!! =(

-with Englbear!

-with Bearitalia!

-with Beargentina & the sweet Rhiana!

p.s. : Special thanks to Uncle ABC, who gave us water when we're tired while waiting. Another big thanks to 3 of you. I know we are strangers but the helped u gave us, we will never forget. THANK YOU again. Hope we meet some day! Hahaha.... *wink*