Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Just came back from OTK with Trac, Adel, Ju, Arwin & Sean. Coughing still. Sigh. I'm starting to doubt self-heal. wtf.

After few days of bumming around at home doing nothing besides watching drama, decided to go shopping with Trac! Its been quite a long time since we hang out alone like that.... Dinner at Ajisen Ramen along with catching up on everything~ Sayang, faster pick a date for a longer shopping session k? *wink* after all ur assignments of course.

Last Friday was our first time to Empire Shopping Gallery. Went there to visit Elaine who is working at a baby clothes shop with an egg tart! Hahahaaha.... Thanks to her, we both get discount for our startbucks. Love u dear! *hugs*

- Trac dreaming of being a princess. Well, i used to call her 'paper princess' too. LOL! -


After admiring the price of Ed Hardy, I rushed back to PJ to settle my condo contracts and etc. Had a massive clean-up session with rommie connie and rach!! OMG! U should see how clean is my room and toilet. wtf.

That night, went to Curve with my love ones. Celebrate the freefromexammentaltorture! Had dinner at Bubba Gump.




Er, i didnt quite like the food. I mean for the price u pay, not worth. I would definitely prefer Tony Romas. So, say GO TONY instead of Bubba.







But i would say that the environment was quite good. Especially the bottom floor. Love their decorations!!

Ended the night not at Sanctuary or Laundry but McD. wtf. Hahahaha... It was great though. Talking back and joke about our childhood memories. Some stories really can give u a great laugh no matter how grey u feel at that moment. Shall wait for the next semester to re-opens where we can hang out once again!!! Missing all of u.

Love u guys big big big bunch!

p.s. : I'm so damn looking forward to our Redang trip!!! Yay!!!!!


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