Monday, May 17, 2010

Waiting for shooting stars...

I have some secret wishes to make. Hoping and praying it will be fulfilled~ Will there be any shooting stars awaiting me tonight? Sigh.

Oh, was suppose to be in cinema Iron Man 2-ing but plans changed to OTK. Great time with u guys too. Hahaha..... Sing k next round alright? Tonight too tired di lar my loves.

Right, finally i manage to meet up with my love for 22 years. Hahahaha..... someone who known me since i was 3 months old!!! U guys will never know what we both did TOGETHER before since we meet. wtf. Anyway, a day out with her was more than awesome!



I realized when we're younger, we dun usually cam-whore that much weihh... Or we did. Cant remember. Next time i gonna scan our ancient pics and post up k? But must find those can be shown wan lar. Some i see adi i also faint. Better keep inside our drawers forever!! LOL~



Please text me again when ur free okie!!!! Owhhhhh... miss u so much adi. And remember to bring out the drama u wanna lend me!


Love u dear!!

Almost forgot, i meet up with my high school friends on Thurs - Steamboat! And later session at Station One was a blast.


To Miss Cheok, please come back asap. I'm waiting to party with u babeh! LOL~

Two days ago, i went Flash Mob dancing with Tracey and Elaine! Had so much fun working. By far the best job ever!!! Tomorrow will be the last session with everyone and the 8 cute bears!! Bet elaine gonna to be super emotional by the end of the day tmr. Hahahaha... *dont cry okie*

@Tropicana City Mall

@Sungai Wang

@Times Square


The one and only pic of the bears and US!


But tmr we have to wear formal... whole day!!! omfg. Sunway convention center here we come~ LOL! Am so excited! Yay!!!!!