Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i hate myself. Seriously.


i'm trying hard to be more discipline. Keep reminding myself that FINALS is just next week. HELLO HELLO HELLO! wake up wake up.... u have to study. Get the mood. Be scared. Anything. Just concentrate.....

To my *surprise* ( haha. yeah, i didnt expect this could happen! ) ... i failed.

i've been using most of my time online MSN practically chatting nothing useful, full of crappy ideas, rubbish, jokes, nonsense stories. Haihz. I just made a vow 4 hours ago that I WILL NOT SIGN IN MY MSN today-at least! Yeah~~~~~~~~ Amazingly! i did follow what i planned and went to bed before 11pm.

Just when i was about to doze happily into my dreamy world.. MY PHONE RANG! ( a msg from xxx asking how come i so discipline didnt online. ) I cant believe i stupidly open my eyes and replied. OMG! The next thing that happen is at 11.40pm, i'm sitting in front of my laptop posting this bloody post WITH my msn chatbox *blinking*. DAMN It. ( u better stop laughing! u know who u are ok? )

sigh. Calm down..........

Oh ya, just now went dinner in SS2 with philip, rachel, frederick & catherine. It was a smooth ride there. Just turn here, turn there, go straight, turn there again.... Reach di! All so happy that Rachel manage to bring us there! WAH! BUT we lost our way back to uni. Hahahaha. U wont wanna know where we went from SS2. ( dear, dun blame urself ler. We joking ni.... =p after today's lesson, next time pro adi right? hehe. )

ok. Ciao~

p.s. - BEE!! u are right. I just scan through the Titas notes folder and its damn alot. Nearly faint when i was counting the number of slides. *cries* I should start now. YES. so, bye bye~

Sunday, October 26, 2008

my Programming...

arrgh. its already 4am. My brain i dun think it belongs to me at this moment, right now. I cant think anymore.

*cry* i stuck at one bloody question for 3 hours ++........ ( bang my head on the table )

Just send my code to philip & rachel. Both of them trying to help me solve the 'spacing' problem. ( thanks ya! )

i better go check the new code now. Bye~


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Study Week..

so sad. Its suppose to be a nice pleasant holiday.... haihz. Instead, i'm forced to use the whole week studying. STUDY!!!! which till now i havent start yet. SHIT. i vow not to go anywhere else after today until exam is over BUT stupid jess 'ajak' me go lunch tmr. ( its just a lunch lar, so i said ok. ) haha. =p

my class ended yesterday ( YES, after that math test ) and i went home straight after! HEH! feels so nice to be home. Then went Sunway with Philip and meet up with our 10th college 'kakies'..

The main purpose is to celebrate Frank's birthday ( i think ) at i-thought-it-was-supposed-to-be-SecretRecipe but-in-the-end-changed-to-McD.
Anyway, Happy Birthday to u! =p

**Me & theBirthdayBoy** + (ah quinn)
8 GONG!! i dun wanna call u this coz its ur birthday BUT its all ur own fault. CIS. who ask u tag me as (not telling it here) in ur blog....

Missing 7. Haihz.

GrouP piC!

After eating birthday cake.. the 'gang' splits into 2.
- movie -
- ice-skating -

arrgh! i wanted to go for a movie. haihz.. but i've watched Eagle Eye! so, guess its faith. ( no, its all Rachel fault! hahah. ) But thanks to u also, i got my First ever skating experience. =p Although i'm still scared, but i did enjoyed. Hehe.

wah. so many ppl.


oh. SEE this? we planned to form the number 10.

HAHA. sorry. is this pic!

it works! erm, *speechless*

To all my FSKTM mates, happy studying! =p Berusaha lebih untuk menjadi seorang yang CEMERLANG! GEMILANG! dan TERBILANG! wtF. i sounded like Pak Lah. ( ignore that BOLD-sentence ) Jia you Larrr~~~

p.s. - esther & bee, i sure go with u guys next time ok? Promise. *hugs*

Thursday, October 23, 2008


my math TEST suppose to start at 10am.
Its already 10.22am NOW! goodness me. the lec still haven finish preparing our ques. damn WTH.

Monday, October 20, 2008

- freezy Gone -

FUyoH. for those who know HER.. i'm sure u get what i mean. Haha.

jess, u cant call her 'freezy' anymore. SO not fun adi right? nvm, wait half a year more..... ( touch wood ) oopS. did i just mention Ley Yeem?? haha.

to think of how i spent my WHOLE afternoon seriously is SCARY. *pinch my butt* luckily there's still the feeling of pain. Stop wondering. Just imagine sitting on a chair for 3 hours plus. ARRGH. how big is ur butt also will become numb ok?!

KimMarie must be feeling rich today la. They must be praying for more customers like tracey ( who got PERFECT hair quality ) to do re-bonding. GOODNESS ME. when we asked how much is the price : JENG JENG JENG.... ( shit. i sounded like jess ) .. RM 300 without treatment and RM 415 with treatment. Almost fainted. Obviously struggled around half an hour to decide to go for 300 or 415. The smartest thing is : tracey brought only RM 150. GREAT. ( what would u do without me ) haihz. Finally i decided for her. Take 415! u HAVE to prevent ur hair from more damage adi. No choice. =p

Look how happy she is! *act cute ni..*

arrgh. i decided not to waste my time. SO!! hehe.

snaP shotS 1

snaP shotS 2

snaP shotS 3

TRACEY : hey, come come. FAST! take pic together....
ME : got ppl see lar...
TRACEY : *look around* eh, dun have adi. faster!



After that, we fetched Adeline to Summit. She so eager to take her pre-ordered Jay Chou new album. ( haihz. jay chou fan~ ) besides taking her cd, she probably got nothing else to do. ERR. except.... taking this pic.


oh ya, we then go 'pasang' our new spectacles! hehe. no preview for this lar. ( i'm not showing that pic! adeline, u know what.)

~ going back to uni again tmr. ~

p.s : HOW CAN I MISS THE DANCE BATTLE!!!! shit. wth. wtF.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunway Pyramid

yes. Again. i'm back there ( sorry, i went there ) today with college mates ( about 20 of us i think ). Dont worry. We didnt go everywhere together acting some sort like gangster or what ok. The group split into 3 parts where some went for skating, some decided to go Shopping while me and the rest went for a movie - Eagle Eye.

I've got a confession to make. I SLEPT IN THE CINEMA! goodness. this is like the first time i actually doze off... summore its a action movie. WTH. The movie - Eagle Eye is pretty good lar. Worth watching it JUST that i'm really tired. Over exhausted. Sorry~

Had a hard time thinking what we should have for lunch. Finally... Secret Recipe! I remember how often i went there last year till i stopped myself from stepping into it. Ahh. but that was long time ago. The food here still taste good. HAHA.

had my fav Choc Banana cake for 'appetizer'!

Aiks. I forgot to take pics of the main courses. NVM. still got 2 other prettier pics. Muahahaha. ( tak tau PaiSeh )



YeahLA. The movie start at 4.30 which means we have around an hour time to do practically Nothing. Obviously we went searching for some entertainment. OOO! guess what. The Skating Ring! saw Andhie, Ai I, Ho Lim, Yi Yen, Quinn, Tze Hua, Frank, Ah Fei & etc... FUyoH! most of them quite Pro adi. ( hehe, some "touch-touch-hold-hold" ar! naughty. ) =p

Besides that. No need use brain also know lar. CAM-whoring.

Venue : Washroom

wah! catherine, sio ken & bom ( 3 first-timer ) End up they syok-sendiri More than me. WTH.

can u spot the Missing human-being?

CHUAH BEE TING. ( insisted to take this particular pic. For blogging purpose. Haihz )


Cannot stand. *bluek*

Dinner @ Waffle World!

Hehe. Special thanks to ah bom for this lovely pic.

Oh yA! miss Sio Ken!!!! very evil girl. everyone was suppose to order something like :







Who knows..... she ordered this Portuguese Tom Yam which smells SO TERRIBLY GOOD eventually make all our food seems tasteless. WTH.




*arrgh* i'm feeling hungry again. WTH.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

- the eNd -

finally, everything have come to an end. Well, maybe not EVERYTHING.. assignments still waiting for me to complete. At least for Pesta Tanglung ( both PTUM & PTCC ) events ended wonderfully.

PTUM ended on tues ( 07/10/08 ). hmm, the whole event was nice but i dun really like it as in dont have much feel towards it. Dunno why. I'll do my part as an AJK just because of responsibility and obviously Rachel. This girl ar, will be the first to volunteer stay back or whatsoever to finish jobs that others doesn't care. Haihz. How can i leave u alone doing all this?? Anyway, that night performance was nice. =p Hehe. I dun really have pics to post bout coz dun really have to mood and time to take. ARRGH! ( whatever.. )

~ me & my exec ~

~ with dear rachel ~

~ esther, cindy & bee ~

Change to PTCC ( 10/10/08 ) of my college! wOOHAAA..
Great job guys... i know some of us didnt sleep for few days to make this event work, but its worthwhile right??? although that night there are some problems with the multimedia, but its ok! I feel that overall its amazing. At least we ( maybe not all ) enjoyed. Haha.

-sketch- YEAH... luckily for us, mic function pretty well. All of u really born actors and actress lar! damn Geng! can send our sketch video to Oscar adi. Muahaha. But thinking bout it, BEE ar... u! before the first scene curtain open, come run to us and tell the "bulu ayam" for "mama" to clean house GONE... make me so scared. Shit lar. HAHA.. goodness. Ahh. Luv u ppl. *hugs*

-hipHop- HAHAHAHAHAHA. i'll never forget our slogan : HOR YI SI!!! damn funny. how we present the present to our dear senior Kai Chin... the way we keep wave-ing.... and "die still cannot die peacefully".. Our faces when Kai Chin start her sentence saying : next move VERY EASY only... etc etc. Seriously, i enjoyed spending time practicing with u all. Everyday dance till 3 something in the morning! wah..... haha. I know we thought our dance performance is over UNTIL the news that we have to perform at KPS next Wed. OMG!!! scary lar. The stage kinda Huge right??? nvm lar. HOR YI SI~!! jia you jia you! =p

erm, i got hundreds of PTCC pics. But damn lazy to post here. Go facebook see lar. i hope i'll find time to upload it ASAP. Just a few previews here lo k? Haha...

#1 sketch ( b4 performing )

#2 hipHop girls ( after performing )

#3 Ten-Ten 'gang'

#4 Ten-Ten 'gang' Again

#5 FUyOh... Bee-da-Director & Rach-da-SU

K lar. i have to stop right now.
programming also haven start. Shit.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

preparation for PTCC

everyone in 10th college is BUSY! really no time to have a break. even at this early morning around 4am, some of them still hanging tanglungs at the lobby...

Just had my bath coz we practice our dance till like NOW. whole body start to ache di. WOO WOO... summore got 3 patches of blue-black on my knees. ( but worth it lor! hehe... ) all my dance-mates ( mag, ken iu, lee yin, frederick, kenny, ian & jim ). big applause for us! from nothing to what we can dance perform this moment, great accomplishment. We want to thank senior Kai Chin for teaching us patiently. =p hope that night... er, this friday night we can go up stage and enjoy our performance!!!! Gambateh~

To all sketch members! i'm sure we can DO it! Keep up our good work!!!

PTCC-08 Jia you! Jia you! Jia You!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

12 hours left.



i dun wanna go back uni.

i wanna stay at home!!


damn bloody emo this moment. NO. for few hours adi. Feel like screaming out loud.

i know UM and my house is not THAT big, huge, great (whatever) distance. but STILL. gosh. one week so so sooo 'enough' u know. ARRGH! F***

first time feeling home-sick. wth.

HAIHZ. just went yam cha with my KaKies. haha. wei, i damn no life lar. HOW!!!! can save me out from my hostel next week anot? ah san..... *begging u sincerely* ah.. Sian now having fun in Poppy ler. (with her new bought dress! muahaha.) WHAT am i DOING??? playing ZUMA the whole night. Shit.

Ah. love u all. MuaXX!


p.s : Miss Loke. why didnt reply my msg?????????

Friday, October 3, 2008

Jessica Loke

i just went to ur blog after 'sending u to bed' & wishing u nightmares instead of sweet dreams.....

well, to be honest! i really wanted to strangle u when i saw the post about -Disturbing Profile Pictures- wtf. Stupid girl. ur lucky i'm not beside u right now or going to meet up with u tomorrow. but if i'm ben ur DEAD at this moment!

until i read the post -Jess Feeling Nostalgic. Again.-
WHY u go write something like this!!! make me EMO gila. HATE u lar. u know how much i miss all of them.
those were the memories we had. we OWNED. i wonder if there will still be more of US in the future. Haihz. *prays*

again. i miss u all~

Thursday, October 2, 2008


now, back at home. seems like everything look exactly the same before i left BUT strange... there's just weird feelings and thoughts coming out. I dunno why.

on the journey back, traffic seems to be smooth. Its not a normal sight though, when it used to be bumper-to-bumper-crawl type of driving. I guess its due to the Raya festival. Most ppl staying here were back to their own respective 'kampung'. I was back to mine for 3 days. Cousins are all grown up now. No more running around the house, playing some brainless sword-fighting (without sword) or even pretend to be Power Rangers. AH! kinda miss those times when we're still young and naive. Grandma not able to walk as fast as before... but still wish to help us anyway she can. (Thank you. Love u lots!) Since young, I always wonder why grandma weep every time when we're bidding goodbye to her (not like we're not coming back to see her again). Just now, she cried again. I feel sad this time. Thinking, the possibility of us not seeing her again definitely not ZERO... haihz. Nothing is Impossible. Nothing is permanent. Suddenly realized how important it is to cherish all the moments u can have with ur love ones.

Things changed as time goes by....

What i craved is different now.

- i used to love Amazing Race. I cant miss even one single episode. Even watched the repeats of it.
- i used to love Taiwanese Drama.
- i used to love any types of reality show.
- i used to love Formula One car racing. I followed each race and the news of the drivers (oops. driver) closely. HAHA!


Even my all-time fav :


i stop eating it for quite some times... i still remember why! haha. i think its during the time i'm in upper six, baskin robbins came out with a BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion. Went there with my buddies dunno how many times in a month. Yeah la, i summore so greedy go 'da bao' around 20 scoops of ice-creams back home. ARRGH! after that, really see baskin robbins will feel like throwing up. AIKS. until recently, the craving for it came back so pulled tracey along to eat with me. (love u dear!)


last time, we used to take pics in a big gang. Many of us. But this few months, its like just the miserable 2 of us! I miss everyone. =( Really hope this coming December, everyone will be back here!! (although.. it might just only half the number of us. Haihz.)

Things i really crave??? *blink-blink*

- i never actually like my mum's cooking. But i stop complaining bout it now. Haha. After eating my college food for 3 months, cant stand it already. Home-cooked meal is still forever the best. Ah... i'm going back there in a few days time. Suck.

- i never actually like donuts. But i dunno for what reason, i gave myself the chance of gaining weight. Maybe the thought of becoming fat due to Donuts are much better than due to Curry + Santan.... I think i'll just put the blame on J.Co


- i never actually like shopping. But after going uni, seems like i enjoy it very much. no matter how busy..... Arrgh. Shopping is fun WITH money. *cries* (trac, how we wish we can get few more bags right? haha.)


Hmm, going back to college this Sunday. Feeling bit down.

Nonetheless, i have my so called '9 ppl' gang! Life become so much enjoyable hanging around with them! muahahaha. Miss u all!


and.. a random pic lar. HAHA!

DSC00502 (1)

= see u all on Sunday =

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


sorry my fellow friends...

i'm back at my hometown now which is in Johor. I just managed to squeeze few minutes time out ( right after my dinner - right before my drama ) to post a really short message here. ( well, there isn't any message la actually. ) Haha.

i should be back Subang a day after tmr. I'll update then ok? STAY TUNE. =p

Luv u ppl! Miss me...