Monday, October 20, 2008

- freezy Gone -

FUyoH. for those who know HER.. i'm sure u get what i mean. Haha.

jess, u cant call her 'freezy' anymore. SO not fun adi right? nvm, wait half a year more..... ( touch wood ) oopS. did i just mention Ley Yeem?? haha.

to think of how i spent my WHOLE afternoon seriously is SCARY. *pinch my butt* luckily there's still the feeling of pain. Stop wondering. Just imagine sitting on a chair for 3 hours plus. ARRGH. how big is ur butt also will become numb ok?!

KimMarie must be feeling rich today la. They must be praying for more customers like tracey ( who got PERFECT hair quality ) to do re-bonding. GOODNESS ME. when we asked how much is the price : JENG JENG JENG.... ( shit. i sounded like jess ) .. RM 300 without treatment and RM 415 with treatment. Almost fainted. Obviously struggled around half an hour to decide to go for 300 or 415. The smartest thing is : tracey brought only RM 150. GREAT. ( what would u do without me ) haihz. Finally i decided for her. Take 415! u HAVE to prevent ur hair from more damage adi. No choice. =p

Look how happy she is! *act cute ni..*

arrgh. i decided not to waste my time. SO!! hehe.

snaP shotS 1

snaP shotS 2

snaP shotS 3

TRACEY : hey, come come. FAST! take pic together....
ME : got ppl see lar...
TRACEY : *look around* eh, dun have adi. faster!



After that, we fetched Adeline to Summit. She so eager to take her pre-ordered Jay Chou new album. ( haihz. jay chou fan~ ) besides taking her cd, she probably got nothing else to do. ERR. except.... taking this pic.


oh ya, we then go 'pasang' our new spectacles! hehe. no preview for this lar. ( i'm not showing that pic! adeline, u know what.)

~ going back to uni again tmr. ~

p.s : HOW CAN I MISS THE DANCE BATTLE!!!! shit. wth. wtF.