Saturday, January 31, 2009


hey guys! Happy Chinese New Year....

how's the celebration? i can see some of u blogged about ur Day 1 and Day 2... haha! seems pretty exciting.

As for me, HAHAHAHAHHA... i dun plan to post about how i celebrate the past few days. Too lazy, no time, whatever lame excuse u can think of. Haihz, the truth is that I AM STILL SICK!!!!!! arrgh. now i'm putting the blame on the medication. No help at all. I'm already being a nice and obedient girl not eating those illegal food and still seem no recovery. *screaming*

FYI, i'm back to Subang now. Actually i arrived Thurs night to be exact. Spent my whole night catching up with my drama which led to waking up after 12 today. *sigh* but, its ok. Not that i have any plans. Until..... my dad brought me to watch Red Cliff 2.

WOW! the movie is nice! Seriously, Nice. ( ok, its much better and nicer then NICE. i dunno how to describe it la... ) Just go watch it. Even if u dun have much interest on war movies.... still u have to watch it.







omg... OMG!!!! i'm officially in love with the 3 of them... ( not to forget how hot is Chuck Bass ) *screams + whistle* hahahahaha....

Friday, January 23, 2009


SORRY.... sincerely apologize to my Subang kakies, my parents & myself. Sorry....

I know i shouldn't be sitting in front of my laptop typing all this. I should be OUT! meeting up with u guys... i'm sorry. Having to stuck at home, and not laughing and chit-chatting with u ppl are seriously suffering. Yes, i got all ur calls. I explained. Yet, i'm feeling damn bloody guilty for not able to turn up. Missing all of u.

Damn myself. Ish! how can i GET SICK????? Stupid fever & cough! How can u attack me at this time? This period? Where CNY is just few days away!!!!!!!!! Ok, i cant blame it all on the viruses. I should have taken better care of myself. Arrgh. Its my Fault. Sorry...

Since CNY is coming as i mentioned, this post cant be all Emo + Sad + Frustration. Shall change the subject now. Back to those time when i'm still in healthy condition...

- 10th College Reunion Dinner -

Having the same concept like the Chinese Tuan Yuan Fan, this event really make me feel like i'm home celebrating CNY! really, i never thought the night would be memorable. But i'm glad it is. Thanks to the seniors especially. I was kinda shock when all of them started to give out Ang Pau's to each and everyone of the juniors. Family indeed. *touched* how they make the cards, wrap those sweets, smile on their face wishing us Happy Chinese New Year! Thank you once again. =p

Pic 1 : my 'Gang'

Pic 2 : from the Seniors

- Mid Valley (15-01-09) -

The weather is hot, humid. I need to find some place cooling like shopping malls. ( nah, its just a lame excuse for me to get out of college and have fun ) Anyway... me, along with Rach, Esther, Bom, Bee, Mag, Philip & Cindy decided to pay a visit to the newly open Red Box in Mid Valley. We seriously PAY for it. Damn expensive summore due to the tidbits which we're force to order! Luckily, i enjoyed. =p

Pic 3 : girls at the Center Court

Pic 4 : with 'the most famous stick in Subang' - quote by someone

- Dim Sum with FF -

hehe! let me introduce my Family Friends! i cant remember since when we get to know each other. Ten years ago perhaps? hahahaha... But this is the first time we hanging out alone without all our parents around! cool right? Although i have to wake up at 8 early in the morning to go for this Dim Sum breakfast. =p Let's have it again when Mynn Dee & Hui Wen is back!! Lunch or dinner next round.

Pic 5 : YJ & JR (standing), hui wen, me, rachel & mynn dee (front)

- Mid Valley (again) -

This time, SHOPPING for shoes! wakakaka! Yes, i know... WHY MV again???? Let me reasoned to u. First, being a student in UM this is the obvious place aka shopping mall u would go. Second, the taxi fair to MV is cheap. Third, its too near! and so on....
So! the guys which consists of Frank, Philip, Quinn & Holim went hours ahead of us to play pool. Until now, I still dun get it : how can u guys play pool for hours??? *faints*
The girls went around 4pm as we have to wait for darling Esther who has class until 4pm and that includes Frederick who decided to join us last minute. How nice of us right? hehe! =p Yet again, we did the OBVIOUS!

Pic 6 : Rach, Cat & Me at bus stop (under the hot sun!!!! )

Pic 7 : indulging ourself with B.R.

Pic 8 : OMG! do not comment.

Pic 9 : Love it!

Pic 10 : meeting up before Dinner!

HAHAHaaaaHAHAHAHAaaaaa! i can't stop laughing whenever i think back about our dinner at Madam Kwan's. All of our ( well, not ALL. the guys mostly ) facial expression and reaction when the waitress pass us our menu's. JAW DROP! hahahahaha!!!!

Pic 11 : searching for the cheapest...

ok, most of ordered the so called Most Famous 'nasi lemak' which cost around RM17 after tax. If the taste is extra-ordinary or special, its worth it. But seriously, its not anything like that. Its really normal to be honest. Arrgh... Suddenly thought of the RM1.80 'nasi lemak' sold at a stall few rows from my house. *scream*

Pic 12 : THE RM17 nasi lemak

Pic 13 : THE RM10 orange juice

Pic 14 : Quinn unable to resist the charm *cough*

In the end, we conclude that we got con ( or 'kuan' in cantonese ) by her!

Pic 15 : its her...

- Times Square + Low Yat -


another Sing K session but with different group of ppl. 12 in total. Wow! As i was in a good and exciting CNY mood, i dun mind troubling myself to go all the way there. Its really a relief once i stepped in front of Sungai Wang because i fee like i've cross many obstacles just to reach my destination. Waiting for bus down to library bus stop, bus ride to Uni Staion, waiting for LRT, LRT ride to KL central, walk to Monorail Station, waiting for monorail, up in the packed monorail... then, Done finally. haha!

Pic 16 : Rach & me

Pic 17 : Jun Yen & Holim

After singing and having dinner at Jalan Alor, few of us decided to stay on and walk around Times Square. Remember during Christmas, they have decoration some sort like a board for ppl to stuck their head and take pic? They have it during this CNY festival too!!!

Pic 18 : kawaii!

Pic 19 : I love CNY!

Guess what i gain the most out of this trip? I get to picture Rachel Wong Yu Yan in a skirt! wahahaha!

Pic 20 : my final pic!

p.s. Dear Rachel, dont u love the pic? haha! *chill* more will be up in facebook soon!

Shin Yeen here wishing everyone a PROSPEROUS HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dash - - - Dash

What a tiring day! MONDAY is always the busiest for me as my timetable for the day is CRAMMED. anyway, the day of lectures, labs and tutorials are done and my tummy is satisfied with the dinner i had. *smile*

Its lucky that we reached college from dinner like 15 minutes earlier IF NOT... i'll soak in the heavy down pour. ARRGH! hate that. Even holding an umbrella doesn't help much at this weather.

I'm beginning to enjoy my uni life back once again with all my fellow mates. Most of them have been really supportive and they're really great & fun ppl to hang out with. *hugs* Love u all ~

To Amelia Chan, yes my dear... i will not FFK u on Friday night ok? Yam cha 9pm at OTK? unless anyone has a better suggestion. Oh, or wanna try PappaRich? Just inform me la. Miss u guys... Looking forward to meet u all! YESH! hehe... =p

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finding the RIGHT words to say....

Its been a tough week. Not just the studies but due to many other matters which its best for me to just keep it in my brain - mind - heart - whatever. Yes, many of u would have notice much have changed recently although i have no intention for it to happen. Weird feelings or some comments may have hurt someone But i hope that from now onwards, such awkward situations will come to an end. Obviously, give and take from everyone is a must. Although maybe some of them doesn't care a damn thing about it, but some really does. Evey move you make or every word u say, might become a thorn or pain in someone's heart. And i totally agree on what someone say : "Stop thinking about yourself for a moment. Look at a matter from different perspective. Stand in others position and u will understand how others feel." I'm not saying that i'm already good in doing this but I'm going to try my best to do so. =p Its always hard to decide right or wrong. I get it by now. *sigh* Maybe I'm an outsider, just wishing & hoping for the best for everyone. NO hard feelings k? Hugss. Love u all. xoxo!

wow, i didn't plan to post something like above but somehow it happened, i dunno WHY.... hahaha!

*think happy thoughts*

oH ya! i attended my first lecture on Hubungan Etnik today. Well, it wont be the first if only i didnt skipped the previous one. This subject, i used to think it was useless, boring and everything negative about it. But i was so wrong! Its really my bad being prejudice against subject named like this. I'm sorry. Haha! Definitely, it is now my favorite subject. OMG, Oh NO!! i cant believe i just said that but ITS TRUE! Ethnic Relation is Interesting!! Can u imaging me not falling asleep in the class? Somehow this mission impossible is POSSIBLE now. Part of it of course, Miss Wendy - the lecturer. The way she lecture really captivating and enjoyable. Haihz, if only my TITAS and other subjects was taught by her! Now, staying back on Friday seems pretty fine with me! Haha... =p

Aiya, i wanted to post a few pics taken on Thurs when i went Mid Vally with Uni-buddies. TOO BAD, i left Bee's memory card in my hostel room!!!!!! *punch*

Let's have some words on the HOT-Issue. UM Student Council ELECTION is round the corner. The whole university security is tighten started few days ago. Yes, i'm proud to have one of my friend as a candidate to represent my faculty. All the best in his campaign!! Next Monday is D-DAY! er, hope everything will go on smoothly. =p May the best man wins... and most importantly, it benefits ALL students.

Till then. Bye...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

dot - dot - dot

*shoot* i'm having writer's block for more then a week. wth! well, i'm nt exactly a writer but still..... not able to come out with a topic to post about is really annoying. Sigh!

hmm, ok... errrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

4th of Jan - Bee's Twenty-First birthday! among all my friends, this pretty young lady is the first to celebrate hers.

#1 - the Birthday cake ( dont find this pandan layer cake weird ok, she preferred this compare to CHOCOLATE cake. )

#2 - the Strawberry moose ( had to get this extra JUST for the bday girl. )

We gave her a surprise celebration Not in our own college but the one beside ours due to the lack of night life in our college. Anyway, we still had a great time.

#3 - the Girls ( so called the company. wtf)

#4 - groups Picture ( without the photographer, Holim )

#5 - me & you! haha...

ooooo, speaking of birthday. i'm sorry i cant make it for both Sio Ken's and Steve's birthday celebration. Here, wishing u two had a great year ahead! all the best and Happy Be-lated Birthday!!!

The END.

oh no!!! i cant think of anything to wirte. Shit. Hope i'll get my 'ilham' back ASAP. *sobs*

CC mates, see you guys later at the Reunion Dinner~ Ciao.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Get life Started - once again.

Happy New Year 2009 everyone!!! woo!!!

hmm, i dunno why i kinda lost my blogging mood since the last post. Either i'm over busy or just plain lazy. And the reason why i'm typing here is just to past my time over the forever-slow FaceBook. Arrgh! i dunno what happen to it. Or its streamyx problem. Facebook response is so lagging. WTH.

ok, its a brand new year. Lets not talk something unhappy. *think happy thoughts*

A new year, a new beginning. My uni life is back to hunt me again since the 30th dec 2008. YEAR 1 SEM 2! I meet back with my college mates and all, stay in the hostel, went out with them... =p it seems nothing has changed during the month-plus sem break. Well, maybe not every single one But at least, my closest few. I'm glad. hehe... Although i didnt get to spent my last few hours of year 2008 with u guys, i hope u guys had a great time celebrating the coming of a new year! Cheers~

Come to think of my sem break, i really fully utilized every single moment. VERY Satisfied with myself! But still its too short! how i wish it could be weeks longer. Now there's few days left for me to enjoy before going back to Uni. Plans plans plans.....

Last night - new year's eve, went countdown celebration in Sunway. Wow, the fireworks this year was much longer, bigger, prettier compared to what i saw last time around. Yippy! and of course, all my friends around me together that night. Everything was so nice. ( besides got scared by weird ppl in mask and party sprays ) Haha!

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!

p.s : Stick with ur new year resolutions!