Thursday, January 1, 2009

Get life Started - once again.

Happy New Year 2009 everyone!!! woo!!!

hmm, i dunno why i kinda lost my blogging mood since the last post. Either i'm over busy or just plain lazy. And the reason why i'm typing here is just to past my time over the forever-slow FaceBook. Arrgh! i dunno what happen to it. Or its streamyx problem. Facebook response is so lagging. WTH.

ok, its a brand new year. Lets not talk something unhappy. *think happy thoughts*

A new year, a new beginning. My uni life is back to hunt me again since the 30th dec 2008. YEAR 1 SEM 2! I meet back with my college mates and all, stay in the hostel, went out with them... =p it seems nothing has changed during the month-plus sem break. Well, maybe not every single one But at least, my closest few. I'm glad. hehe... Although i didnt get to spent my last few hours of year 2008 with u guys, i hope u guys had a great time celebrating the coming of a new year! Cheers~

Come to think of my sem break, i really fully utilized every single moment. VERY Satisfied with myself! But still its too short! how i wish it could be weeks longer. Now there's few days left for me to enjoy before going back to Uni. Plans plans plans.....

Last night - new year's eve, went countdown celebration in Sunway. Wow, the fireworks this year was much longer, bigger, prettier compared to what i saw last time around. Yippy! and of course, all my friends around me together that night. Everything was so nice. ( besides got scared by weird ppl in mask and party sprays ) Haha!

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!

p.s : Stick with ur new year resolutions!