Sunday, January 11, 2009

dot - dot - dot

*shoot* i'm having writer's block for more then a week. wth! well, i'm nt exactly a writer but still..... not able to come out with a topic to post about is really annoying. Sigh!

hmm, ok... errrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

4th of Jan - Bee's Twenty-First birthday! among all my friends, this pretty young lady is the first to celebrate hers.

#1 - the Birthday cake ( dont find this pandan layer cake weird ok, she preferred this compare to CHOCOLATE cake. )

#2 - the Strawberry moose ( had to get this extra JUST for the bday girl. )

We gave her a surprise celebration Not in our own college but the one beside ours due to the lack of night life in our college. Anyway, we still had a great time.

#3 - the Girls ( so called the company. wtf)

#4 - groups Picture ( without the photographer, Holim )

#5 - me & you! haha...

ooooo, speaking of birthday. i'm sorry i cant make it for both Sio Ken's and Steve's birthday celebration. Here, wishing u two had a great year ahead! all the best and Happy Be-lated Birthday!!!

The END.

oh no!!! i cant think of anything to wirte. Shit. Hope i'll get my 'ilham' back ASAP. *sobs*

CC mates, see you guys later at the Reunion Dinner~ Ciao.