Saturday, January 17, 2009

Finding the RIGHT words to say....

Its been a tough week. Not just the studies but due to many other matters which its best for me to just keep it in my brain - mind - heart - whatever. Yes, many of u would have notice much have changed recently although i have no intention for it to happen. Weird feelings or some comments may have hurt someone But i hope that from now onwards, such awkward situations will come to an end. Obviously, give and take from everyone is a must. Although maybe some of them doesn't care a damn thing about it, but some really does. Evey move you make or every word u say, might become a thorn or pain in someone's heart. And i totally agree on what someone say : "Stop thinking about yourself for a moment. Look at a matter from different perspective. Stand in others position and u will understand how others feel." I'm not saying that i'm already good in doing this but I'm going to try my best to do so. =p Its always hard to decide right or wrong. I get it by now. *sigh* Maybe I'm an outsider, just wishing & hoping for the best for everyone. NO hard feelings k? Hugss. Love u all. xoxo!

wow, i didn't plan to post something like above but somehow it happened, i dunno WHY.... hahaha!

*think happy thoughts*

oH ya! i attended my first lecture on Hubungan Etnik today. Well, it wont be the first if only i didnt skipped the previous one. This subject, i used to think it was useless, boring and everything negative about it. But i was so wrong! Its really my bad being prejudice against subject named like this. I'm sorry. Haha! Definitely, it is now my favorite subject. OMG, Oh NO!! i cant believe i just said that but ITS TRUE! Ethnic Relation is Interesting!! Can u imaging me not falling asleep in the class? Somehow this mission impossible is POSSIBLE now. Part of it of course, Miss Wendy - the lecturer. The way she lecture really captivating and enjoyable. Haihz, if only my TITAS and other subjects was taught by her! Now, staying back on Friday seems pretty fine with me! Haha... =p

Aiya, i wanted to post a few pics taken on Thurs when i went Mid Vally with Uni-buddies. TOO BAD, i left Bee's memory card in my hostel room!!!!!! *punch*

Let's have some words on the HOT-Issue. UM Student Council ELECTION is round the corner. The whole university security is tighten started few days ago. Yes, i'm proud to have one of my friend as a candidate to represent my faculty. All the best in his campaign!! Next Monday is D-DAY! er, hope everything will go on smoothly. =p May the best man wins... and most importantly, it benefits ALL students.

Till then. Bye...