Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Post - perhaps?

ok, dont get me wrong! i'm not closing down my blogspot or abandon it either.

Its just that the notice - NO MORE INTERNET CONNECTION STARTING FROM 23 MARCH 2009 was posted at the board of my college. Damn it. Yes, this is not a joke, although i'm kinda SHOCK that till now, there's still connection in my room. Many different rumors have been spread. Wonder which is true? which is False? Only time will tell. In the meantime, i might just as well use this facilities fully. But thinking bout the assignments burden i'm carrying... Not able to online and search for infomation... WtF!!!


My college is not famous for anything else EXCEPT for this facility. Seriously, thinking of surviving without it? OMG!!!!! Did i mention that i officially stayed in my hostel over the weekends? Since FEB 10th i've not been back home! so WOW right? hahahaha... Actually, not able to go back home is not that terrible and saddening once u have ur friends here together with u. Sometimes, just hanging around and having movies marathon in the room is SO MUCH FUN! ( rach, esther! remember the hot guy we've been drooling over? ) muahahahahaha.... But needless to say, we never had great variety of food in the college. Especially during Saturday. Yes, so we had our ways to indulge ourself.... with some *imagination*...... and the help of delivery man. Haha!

Lunch & Dinner

eh wait. I suddenly realized that i'm having my Computer System Architecture test tomorrow morning and Artificial Intelligence test the day after tmr. *guilty* Shall stop crapping now. Hope i'll still be able to get internet connection everyday! *prays*

p.s. : Rachel look so much better with her hair tied up right? Yes!!!!!

er, ignore the unimportant human at the back.

Good Luck everyone!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

19 FEB 2009

A DAY TO REMEMBER! ( sorry, i forgot to type WHAT at the beginning ) haha...

so, wondering what's going on??? TODAY is my dear friend PHILIP BEH JIAN JIE's 21st birthday. WOOHOO! finally, u reached the peak of ur life... ( er, perhaps not ). Anyway, u should be touched + delighted that i actually using my precious time updating this post for u after knowing that i NEED to study for my tests. Haihz, i can't help but to praise myself for being so kind. Haha! what to do.... SISTERZ right? *tepuk dada 2 kali*

ok, so last night.... we went SS2 Wong-Kok to 'yam cha' @ giving him a surprise bday celebration. Sadly to say, the plan DIDNT WORK OUT due to some unforgivable circumstances. And that did not come from any of us except maybe Quinn who actually-almost-goingto-spiltTHEplan-out to philip. Its all because of that stupid waiter! Seriously DAMN WTH! Philip, hope u had a great laugh about that too.... Haha!!

Although u say u dun have any wishes, still.. i hope someday soon, u get to find ur Princess k? and of course, know something more around the world beside Math + Programming. For example, improve ur Bahasa Melayu and FYI, masy. is a short hand for masyarakat ok? Not pronounced as ' MA - SI '..... Erm, maybe have a tour around KL too!!!!! At least that might stop u from asking " What is Sungai Wang ". Haha!!!

p.s : Oh, i almost forgot. Philip does have a way/plan in the search for her princess. Please log on to :

Lets cut the crap and proceed to the pictures, shall we? wtF!

Dear Phoebe, Happy 21st Birthday. Love, Brotherhood. FYI, phoebe is philip's sisterhood name. =p

Say Cheezeee!

How he react after receiving his Prezzies! Guess what are those? Something he NEEDSSSSSSSSS urgently.

How he tries to use those items! * for the FIRST time * wink-wink.

Brotherhood. *tepuk dada 2 kali + point finger*
Back : Andhie, Esther, Connie, ME, Rachel, JunYen
Front : Quinn, Frank, Philip, Bee, Holim

Turn WILD!!!!

SnapShots 1 : Check out Frank's face!

SnapShots 2 : Check out Andhie's cute pose!


SnapShots 3 : Best pic for the night! *squeak* Hahahahaha.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quote of the YEAR!!!! ( a must see )

This is a special post that i purposely write on behalf of one of my friend in University Malaya... Dedicated to a girl name Miss Em...


Something that he wanted to say but shy shy to do so...
Btw, this guy is DEFINITELY not Ah Quinn.. really not him!!


no need 'thx' me wor.. we are Sisterz!! *tepuk dada 2 kali*

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Finally, i manage to squeeze out some time and some blogging mood to open this web-page. One thing i had in mind. I dun wanna post anything at all. wtf! ( what am i still doing here then?? ) fine, i just wanna pass my time and this does Not include reading any slides from either subjects.

Had my Data Structure lab test this afternoon. GOSH! for the first time, i wont complain that the question is tough. No, it is not. I should have study MORE!!! more! MORE!!!! then i might get results closer to perfection. But, the lazy me.... always doing everything last minute... *all i can do now is - sigh* Just manage to do half of the question. *sigh-again* I'm so going to change this attitude. I swear. =p

I just realised i start to talk like an old woman!!! arrgh....

Coming up next, 5 projects / assignments! I'm lovin it. (wtf) Obviously not. I wish time will just stop at this moment. Right now, just stop. I dun want the datelines to come one after the other!! Ish. Anyway, back to my topic. Yup, i'm going to leave my blog for awhile. er, maybe not that long la but wont update so frequently for now.

so, lets just see when i can meet up with u ppl again. Take care folks! haha...

p.s : Do miss me!

Friday, February 6, 2009


breath... Just breath! i really need some air. NOW~!!

yes, although i'm back home, far from my hostel room, i still feel the same. I AM STUCK INSIDE MY ROOM WITH THE DOOR CLOSE!

and why is that? my parents is throwing a PARTY! wth...... not to say i'm complaining much but not having to watch Astro, eating junks on my couch watching a nice movie! Its suffering. PLUS, now my house is so noisy... with uncles and aunties laughter, Karaoke-oldies. *screams* HELP ME! SAVE ME!!! ok, i am complaining.

ARRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn. now i'm hearing 'Justice Bao' theme song. ( i need a string, oh wait. A rope! to hang myself ) how i wish my phone just ring and have someone calling me out. Sigh.

Fine, i'll be nice and try ignoring the adults. I have something much more important to talk about. Hehe! Let me rephrase by saying i have a nice picture to post. ( i might get killed soon but still couldn't resist ) Its just for my darling ESTHER CHAN. finally reached the golden age of 21. Congrats! Hope u stay as pretty as ever. Be smarter. ( no offense ) and prepare for our 'date' ok? hahahahah... ( shh... its a secret )

Happy Birthday!

this is a post-present for u, love u always. Xoxo!


Jess Loke, i found my own Paris Hilton model! wakakaka. Just that its the shorter version la. =p

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 9th-day of CNY

The starting of school. *sigh*

My only hope (besides able to understand all lectures) is to stay awake during lectures. Yes, indeed. I have to concentrate without falling asleep.

This also means the END of my CNY celebration. How sad.... pathetic.

But i did have a great time during last week of CNY (minus off my sickness) of course.

Manage to catch up with my relatives...


and friends (didnt miss out what jess turned into)


oh YA! even went to a Birthday Party.. *woot* Happy Birthday again dear Ian a.k.a. Yong Mulan. =p


Oops, i thought of going bed earlier tonight.... look at the time!! (shake-head)

I'm missing all of u suddenly. Feeling nostalgic without any particular reason. (choke)

Stop. STop. STOp. STOP!

p.s : Sweet dreams... Have a good night sleep everyone!