Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 9th-day of CNY

The starting of school. *sigh*

My only hope (besides able to understand all lectures) is to stay awake during lectures. Yes, indeed. I have to concentrate without falling asleep.

This also means the END of my CNY celebration. How sad.... pathetic.

But i did have a great time during last week of CNY (minus off my sickness) of course.

Manage to catch up with my relatives...


and friends (didnt miss out what jess turned into)


oh YA! even went to a Birthday Party.. *woot* Happy Birthday again dear Ian a.k.a. Yong Mulan. =p


Oops, i thought of going bed earlier tonight.... look at the time!! (shake-head)

I'm missing all of u suddenly. Feeling nostalgic without any particular reason. (choke)

Stop. STop. STOp. STOP!

p.s : Sweet dreams... Have a good night sleep everyone!