Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Post - perhaps?

ok, dont get me wrong! i'm not closing down my blogspot or abandon it either.

Its just that the notice - NO MORE INTERNET CONNECTION STARTING FROM 23 MARCH 2009 was posted at the board of my college. Damn it. Yes, this is not a joke, although i'm kinda SHOCK that till now, there's still connection in my room. Many different rumors have been spread. Wonder which is true? which is False? Only time will tell. In the meantime, i might just as well use this facilities fully. But thinking bout the assignments burden i'm carrying... Not able to online and search for infomation... WtF!!!


My college is not famous for anything else EXCEPT for this facility. Seriously, thinking of surviving without it? OMG!!!!! Did i mention that i officially stayed in my hostel over the weekends? Since FEB 10th i've not been back home! so WOW right? hahahaha... Actually, not able to go back home is not that terrible and saddening once u have ur friends here together with u. Sometimes, just hanging around and having movies marathon in the room is SO MUCH FUN! ( rach, esther! remember the hot guy we've been drooling over? ) muahahahahaha.... But needless to say, we never had great variety of food in the college. Especially during Saturday. Yes, so we had our ways to indulge ourself.... with some *imagination*...... and the help of delivery man. Haha!

Lunch & Dinner

eh wait. I suddenly realized that i'm having my Computer System Architecture test tomorrow morning and Artificial Intelligence test the day after tmr. *guilty* Shall stop crapping now. Hope i'll still be able to get internet connection everyday! *prays*

p.s. : Rachel look so much better with her hair tied up right? Yes!!!!!

er, ignore the unimportant human at the back.

Good Luck everyone!!