Thursday, February 19, 2009

19 FEB 2009

A DAY TO REMEMBER! ( sorry, i forgot to type WHAT at the beginning ) haha...

so, wondering what's going on??? TODAY is my dear friend PHILIP BEH JIAN JIE's 21st birthday. WOOHOO! finally, u reached the peak of ur life... ( er, perhaps not ). Anyway, u should be touched + delighted that i actually using my precious time updating this post for u after knowing that i NEED to study for my tests. Haihz, i can't help but to praise myself for being so kind. Haha! what to do.... SISTERZ right? *tepuk dada 2 kali*

ok, so last night.... we went SS2 Wong-Kok to 'yam cha' @ giving him a surprise bday celebration. Sadly to say, the plan DIDNT WORK OUT due to some unforgivable circumstances. And that did not come from any of us except maybe Quinn who actually-almost-goingto-spiltTHEplan-out to philip. Its all because of that stupid waiter! Seriously DAMN WTH! Philip, hope u had a great laugh about that too.... Haha!!

Although u say u dun have any wishes, still.. i hope someday soon, u get to find ur Princess k? and of course, know something more around the world beside Math + Programming. For example, improve ur Bahasa Melayu and FYI, masy. is a short hand for masyarakat ok? Not pronounced as ' MA - SI '..... Erm, maybe have a tour around KL too!!!!! At least that might stop u from asking " What is Sungai Wang ". Haha!!!

p.s : Oh, i almost forgot. Philip does have a way/plan in the search for her princess. Please log on to :

Lets cut the crap and proceed to the pictures, shall we? wtF!

Dear Phoebe, Happy 21st Birthday. Love, Brotherhood. FYI, phoebe is philip's sisterhood name. =p

Say Cheezeee!

How he react after receiving his Prezzies! Guess what are those? Something he NEEDSSSSSSSSS urgently.

How he tries to use those items! * for the FIRST time * wink-wink.

Brotherhood. *tepuk dada 2 kali + point finger*
Back : Andhie, Esther, Connie, ME, Rachel, JunYen
Front : Quinn, Frank, Philip, Bee, Holim

Turn WILD!!!!

SnapShots 1 : Check out Frank's face!

SnapShots 2 : Check out Andhie's cute pose!


SnapShots 3 : Best pic for the night! *squeak* Hahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

fuiyoh i'm so touched. eh fyi, i got use comb n mirror b4 ok. just that don't know when edi hahaha

purple_star_88 said...

hahaha.... fine la. FIRST TIME this year.... Plz, use it often! wait, everyday ok? =p