Sunday, February 24, 2008


i need 24-hours a day.
what am i talking. we DO have 24-hours a day..
but not all 24-hours you get relax.. doing nothing.
more specific : blog

so, miss PIGGY. [u know who] stop saying my blog is like grave.
its not that i like it to be this way.. u know!
ish. [and now u are asking me to watch funny animation?] shit.

hmm, chinese new year is OVER. *sobs* i wish it could be longer.
i love fire crackers...
i love fire works...
i love mandarin oranges...
i love cookies...
i love ang paos...

overall, my celebtration of cny doesn't change much since... i was ten. haha. not that i was complaining. OH. I LOVE CNY.

THE joy of taking ang paos..

DSC01164 (1)

THE joy of taking pics with ur families..



THE joy of eating..



THE joy of playing 'mahjung'


the only difference is THIS YEAR, we went to 'jonker street' in malacca. [did i get it spelled correctly?] damn. the place is packed.


well, two weeks back to school. it does suck being a teacher. worst! if u want to be a good teacher. WHY DID I CHOOSE THE LATER?


last night, i just had buffet dinner at SHOGUN. with all chee wen teachers.
and.. my other fellow friends. [ san, sian, trace, adel ]
i had so much fun.
PICS will be up soon.

till then. TATA!!!

p/s : i finally finish GREY's anatomy - season 1. (shut up)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


i know how long since i've blogged.

i keep telling myself that i HAVE TO blog something b4 CNY.

no matter what. die also turn into ghost 1st and post!


well.. i got a news 4 everyone!!!

i just bought my phone YESTERDAY!!!!!!

muahahahahha. *screams* finally..


oh, to hui wen.. i dunno whether i'll be seeing u anytime soon as ur leaving to australia like less than 2 weeks. really going to miss u~ *sobz*

pics we took last night!



haihz. have fun over there k. LIVE to ur MAX. but must study also la. hehe~

p/s : still suffering.. glad there's a long break from school. no more KIDS!