Saturday, September 22, 2007

* ahem *

1 hour and 5 minutes to bio tuition.
I'm bored. no mood to study.
suddenly, thought of jessica loke.. =p

what u wrote in ur blog is totally ridiculous!


hey ppl, if u ever go to her blog and read, knock ur head on the wall 5 times and forget everything. ok?



i swear i didnt say anything bad bout melissa ( eg: she's black ) during hairspray.
oh hold on! hairspray.. damn nice. haha.. ZAC EFRON is super hot!


well, back to the story. THIS is what exactly happen in the cinema.

*lights dim*

Jessica : OMG! shiny!! i cant see melissa! its too dark!
(hands waving & moving around melissa)

Shiny : HAHAHA! evil la u. wait till i tell melissa what u said.

Mel : I'm STILL here!!


ok fine. this i admit.

when we pass by an African or someone dark..

Shiny : Mel! Your 'type' !

Jessica : bloody racist..

Melissa : i'm not dark ok? ish.

add on..

Shiny : haha. u are like dark chocolate!

Melissa : WHAT???

Carol : aiyo.. u so bad la. melissa is not that dark la. she's like white chocolate.

Melissa : ( shout ) STILL CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!


this is said by jessica loke. not me!


Jessica : We have to walk faster! It's getting dark! Any later and we can't see Melissa anymore!

behold is the pic edited by JESSICA LOKE!

( that's the lyrics from one of the musical in hairspray )


eh, jess! i saw in ur blog that u said u had a crush on HIM!


how come??? i thought ur interest is more towards... *cough* erm, 'XX'?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

i wonder

ok.ok. i know its been long since..watever.

i REALLY got no time ok.
(ask any stpm students - WHO HAS)

anyway, just to update u guys, i just finish my trials yesterday.
DUN be happy to fast. i got ANOTHER exam time table right after i hand up my 3 hours math paper. SHIT.

just manage to catch a few episodes of drama which i DESPRATELY wanted to watch for a month. haihz.

my mind is wondering...
i wonder how's MPT5&6 tonight ~
i wonder if my other classmates are busy studying at this moment ~
i wonder how will my hair look like after i go to salon tmr ~
i wonder why i'm in STPM ~
i wonder if MY 'mi tang' is crying because i wouldnt get her an ice-cream ~
(this is definately not going to happen =P )

3 invatations for this month. still cant decide which one should i go..
I CANT GO TO ALL 3 party. right?

ohh.. something just came across my mind...!
should i say it here?
its about someone and her equipment.
(the someone is not JESSICA LOKE) i swear...

haha.. this might be the last post when she saw that statement.
so, i shall leave my final words right now.
# i really enjoyed the time when WE 'THE FANTASTIC 4' chilling out at BKT #