Wednesday, January 31, 2007

~ Brain ~

oh gosh. what the....
my brain is not functioning!! i cant think of what to blog. how???
SIMPLE LA = dont blog! haha.

hmm, so i'll just crap whatever that comes to my mind.
oh! rain concert.... i wanted to go. I heard someone got 700 ++ tickets which is the VIP seats for only 60 bucks. STUPID. i cant believe it. just because she's in the dunno what fan club????? i should have join. ARRGH.

another headache. LEE HOM concert.
i'm so going! but the problem is... how much should i spend for the ticket? two choices. ( RM183 or RM263 ) the cheaper one is BLOODY FAR. the other is.. erm, at least is in the middle. Cant effort the RM353. haha.

This coming FRIDAY ~ due date for my bio assignment!
goodness me! we have like only 2 more days.. no! no! its like 1&1/2 days only to finish the half done project. haha.
- still ironing plants
- sticking back the head, antena, legs of insects that drop off.
- yelling at each other due to frustration
- hugging each other and cry
- praying that the butterflies wings dont tear
- screaming at tracey, begging her not to destroy another insect
- figuring what catogory each plant/insect belongs to

One last thing. BASKIN ROBBINS
my god. totally satisfiying. haha.
main reason is 4 words. ( like what jloi said )
i bought like over 60 bucks. haha..
now my fridge is full of ice-cream... YUMMY!!

wanted to talk about the current issues form sixers having now.. but. lazy la. brain lack of oxygen. Doing ANAEROBOC process now. haha.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

bAck 2 the WorLd of "kiasu"ss

just the end of 2nd week. ELEVEN months to go.
from lower 6 to most senior in school. upper SIX.
7 free days a week TUrns ZERO.
monday dance, chem tuition
tuesday math tuition
wednesday 5R society, house practice
thursday prefect meeting, badminton
friday buddhist club, bio tuition
saturday kelab bomba, pa tuition
sunday temple... badminton

last year one big gang - 47 students of 6E... SPLIT! i cant believe the school is so cruel. now left 35 in the class of 6A. haihz.

still sitting middle of the class. behind of JEss Loke. Tortured be her new year resolution!! [ sit UPRIGHT + STRAIGHT to prevent back ache ] goodness me! the right part of the black board is covered by her!!!!!!!! whole row is moving right-left-right-left-up-down-up-up-up-UP. STUPID.

PEKAssss coming up right the coner. FIRst bio experiment - POTATO!
oh my. ( amelia : a reminder for u.. its potato.. not TOMATO! ) haha.

there's too much to tell
there's too much to complaint
i'll just have to bear with it
I cant stand this any more... :(