Wednesday, January 31, 2007

~ Brain ~

oh gosh. what the....
my brain is not functioning!! i cant think of what to blog. how???
SIMPLE LA = dont blog! haha.

hmm, so i'll just crap whatever that comes to my mind.
oh! rain concert.... i wanted to go. I heard someone got 700 ++ tickets which is the VIP seats for only 60 bucks. STUPID. i cant believe it. just because she's in the dunno what fan club????? i should have join. ARRGH.

another headache. LEE HOM concert.
i'm so going! but the problem is... how much should i spend for the ticket? two choices. ( RM183 or RM263 ) the cheaper one is BLOODY FAR. the other is.. erm, at least is in the middle. Cant effort the RM353. haha.

This coming FRIDAY ~ due date for my bio assignment!
goodness me! we have like only 2 more days.. no! no! its like 1&1/2 days only to finish the half done project. haha.
- still ironing plants
- sticking back the head, antena, legs of insects that drop off.
- yelling at each other due to frustration
- hugging each other and cry
- praying that the butterflies wings dont tear
- screaming at tracey, begging her not to destroy another insect
- figuring what catogory each plant/insect belongs to

One last thing. BASKIN ROBBINS
my god. totally satisfiying. haha.
main reason is 4 words. ( like what jloi said )
i bought like over 60 bucks. haha..
now my fridge is full of ice-cream... YUMMY!!

wanted to talk about the current issues form sixers having now.. but. lazy la. brain lack of oxygen. Doing ANAEROBOC process now. haha.


musicalsoul said...

OH, btw, i was thinking, instead of taiwan, lets go china...taiwan has soo many earthquakes this year. i dont wanna die just because of taiwan food -like SERIOUSLY... hahaha

musicalsoul said...

u know who i am right??? -michelle hhaha