Monday, December 22, 2008


feeling really suck right now. i've got nothing to do TODAY! wth. It seems like spending a day at home for 24 hours is killing me. I plan to wake up in the noon but how amazingly my bro needs me to fetch him to pyramid in the morning. DARN~ there goes my plan..

then, it was just 11.15am. OMG! what am i going to do? fine, i took out the dvd which i borrowed from tracey few days ago - The Holiday. I cant believe i'm watching a romantic comedy! damn it. Brunch was counted as well.

..... time flies! (yeah right) and i was in my bedroom looking at my clock. ok, i'm seriously bored. oh, then i realized i still left one chapter of -new moon- which yet to be complete. I'm going to confess something right now. I AM IN LOVE WITH EDWARD CULLEN. wtf.

arrgh! still, i'm stuck at 3pm. so, i decided to take a nap. Great Plan! to my horroR.. i cant sleep. i wish someone was around to knock my head hard. ISH! good thing astro has this 302-channel. IT HELPS alot when i'm really too free to do anything. =p

ok, the day is ending (officially 10pm). I'm delighted. muahahahaha. shit! i noticed i'm crapping here. wtf. right now i'm online surfing N-O-T-H-I-N-G! slowly going insane. *cries*...


OMG! my saver came to my rescue. I'm going out now. TATA~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mummy! happy birthDay.

Back from my mum birthday dinner! omiGOSH! i'm so full right now that my tummy feel like its going burst anytime soon. HAHA. nah, i was just exaggerating.

ok, just now we took mummy to TGI FRIDAY's... of course this meal is costly but worth it. For mummy of course. She deserve to have a nice & wonderful dinner after all the hard work and care she did for our family. =p

i bought her a small gift. should have gotten a better one but i'm really too broke right now. HAHA! so sorry mum! but obviously she's over delighted when i handed her the present!


What we had tonight?

1. Appetizer



2. Main course





3. Dessert




Actually, the last cake was a complimentary from TGI Friday's. They - as in the waiters knew it was my mum's birthday and they came upfront and performed few songs for her. They actually make my mum stand on the chair and sing everyone a song! damn funny. Thanks to them, my mum seriously happy plus a bit of embarrassment... hehe =p.


hmm, that's all for tonight. i want to catch up with my drama now.

Love u lots mummy! and HaPPy BirthDay! muaxx..


Sunday, December 14, 2008

PC fair @ kLcc

wow. i must be looking like a zombie at this point at this moment. ( pleasant my friend, omg! so random WTH! ) hahahahahaha.

eh, shit! my eyes closing and my head almost touching the keypad adi la... *yawns* WHATEVER, just quickly get over with this post and go sleep.

ok! my feeling today? DAMN BLOODY HAPPY! i'm smiling now. seriously... guess what i just got for myself? CANON IXUS 80IS!!! muahahahahaahahahahahhaahahahahahahahhaa....


i love PC Fair. the deals during the fair is cheap! especially my camera! OMG! i went check out the price for it before this PC fair and it was like around RM999. AND? hahahahaha. i bought it this afternoon for JUST RM749. cheap right?? =p i love ME!

i had to wake up early this morning lets say around 9 something to get ready for my day trip with my JI MUIs.. to name them - buddy Yeem, piggy Loke & blurr Amelia.

omg! believe it. we spent more than 12 hours together just for the PC fair. wah! dont let me see any of u tomorrow ok? jelak adi la! summore ate 3 meals together But none of the meals can be consider proper. FIRST - brunch at 10.30, SECOND - teabreak at 3.45, THIRD - supper at 9.40. wth!

Guys, take a look at the Christmas Tree at KLCC! damn huge..

this is not taken from the bottom of the tree.

my few FAV pics of the day! JENG.. JENG JENG!!




What we grabbed at the PC fair?

Shin Yeen
camera = RM 749 ( i'm hoping to claim back money from my dad! *prays* )
hard disk 250G = RM 198 (*2) so its almost RM 400
pendrive 4G = RM 25 ( my dad asking why didnt get extra one for him! haha, sorry! )

buddy Yeem
hard disk 250G = RM 198
pendrive 4G = RM 25

piggy Loke
cheapskate feller. bought a pendrive only from the indon lady. HAHA!

blurr Amelia
pendrive 8G = RM 47
pendrive 4G = RM 25

I still remember how scared are we when we got such huge amount of cash in our pockets! how stupid piggy can be when she decided to ROLLED my stack of money and stuff it in her shallow pocket and prevent it from falling out by using her handphone! AH! *blink-blink*

talking bout pick pockets! i was so UNLUCKY!


damn embarrassing! hahahaha. er, do u think we will get bad Karma? hmm, wont la! get also piggy first right? hahahaa. CHOI! *touch-wood*

WAIT! i think the bad karma ripens on her adi! she lost her brain... how sad!


*yawns* again. and goodness me! my legs are numb now! and the worst thing is... I HAVE TO go sunway pyramid at 7am for AN UMBRELLA WALKATHON! ( i know u all must be thinking i'm joking. NO! i'm not. ) i have to accompany my dad to 'attend' this Charity Walk - in aid of Lupus Sufferers in Malaysia. Suddenly i feel that i'm an angel.. wtf!. shoot. i left less than 4 hours of sleep. SAVE ME please. *sigh*

Friday, December 12, 2008

coMing up Next...

GATHERING - 6A/6E class of 2006/2007..

Next Thursday 18 Dec 2008.

Venue : Flaming Steamboat Buffet

flaming steamboat buffet

i wonder will the food be as nice as shown in the pic? HAHA!

hey guys, plz confirm whether u can make it anot with Chee Hee a.s.a.p.

see ya! =p


I got my very 1st semester RESULTS last night.

All i can say is that i'm satisfied with my results. Not feeling proud bout it but still manageable. Based on the effort i put in... Haihz.

Anyway, no point regretting now. There's not turning back of time. But never too late to try again for the next semester!!! =p

JIA YOU! Gambateh everyone! *_*

Monday, December 8, 2008

welcoming SANTA.

No sun today. Its been raining since morning until late night. Non-stop.

So, obviously the mood of going out to anywhere seems to be gone PLUS its a public holiday and my dad is at home. There's nothing special about my activities at home today. First, i woke up around 11 and continue reading Twilight. I found the book more pleasant compared to the movie.

Yeah, and imagine me NOT watching drama... impossible ( i know )! but really ppl, i didnt touch any today. What an accomplishment right? hahaha.

NaH! instead, i accompany my dad watch movies.

- Pirates of the Caribbean -
the 2nd & 3rd episodes.



DID i ever mention how i'm obsess with Orlando Bloom? omg. Ever since.... oh, i cant remember!

Just how charming someone can BE!

Orlando Bloom_collage

*faints* damn.

Anyway, i went shopping last couple of days. As Christmas is round the corner, most of the shopping complexes have set up all the pretty decorations. ( erm, just ignore those people who are definitely NOT part of the decorations. =p )

#1 Times Square





#2 Pavilion


edit : this pic looks abit weird coz i have no choice but to crop out the vehicles beside it. ISH!

#3 The Curve









#4 Ikano Power Center





YaWnsssssssssss. goodness gracious. I'm feeling sleepy at before 1am. *GLEE*

Thursday, December 4, 2008


nah. i'm just waiting for the rain to stop so i can start my jogging plan. WTH. ( dun u dare laugh ) hahahaha. its not a joke ok.

anyway, my house now is quiet finally. *wipe sweat* Since 12 noon i cant have a peace of mind WHY??? coz of them ( PIGGY, trac & ming ming ) crashing into my house. omg! they dig out my Play Station game and played till like no one else business. *laugh* i didnt know ( erm, as the matter of fact, i DO know ) tracey has NO potential to play any game. NOT one she will win. Wait, did i just say win? its impossible for her to finish a lap of car racing game lar. She actually drive by reversing her car all the way till the finishing line. DAMN funny. =p ( oh ya, talking bout tracey, sorry gal for spamming ur blog, dun delete it lar ok? its a nice post! ) yeah, while piggy keep face-booking and check out hot girls pics. WALAO~ ming sze is the only good girl among them. i love her the most. ( eh, cannot say out. Later amelia jealous. WTF. ) *yawns* omg, i'm feeling sleepy now! should i still go jogging?? oh no! mood going away.... sway with me babe! ignore that. pure randomness.

oh! i finally got 2 new dramas to watch! currently i'm watching the 东山飘雨西关情. next up will be either 与敌同行 or 珠光宝气. Still haven decide yet. =p

ok then. update soon! chill~

Monday, December 1, 2008

black all-over

supposingly, this post should be up in the afternoon but instead, i went with a date with San, Trac, Adeline & Nikki to catch a movie - Twilight. hmm, throughout whole show, adel and trac is like kena rasuk hantu. Everytime the Edward face is on screen, they will start "OMG! SO hot! so leng cai.. arrgh... yer, i want him. OMG!" haha! damn swt right. This movie is OK LAR! not bad to watch but not really that amazing. anyhow, its the best movie i watched during this few months.


i officially proclaim myself as a blackie now. Damn it.

i thought i would use my whole month holiday to get myself as fair as before i went to pangkor trip BUT BUT BUT~ arrgh.... as u all know, i've been to Malacca with my friends - Jess, San, Sian, Trac, Ben, Philip, Yeem, Amelia & Ming Sze.





The 2 days 1 night trip is very enjoyable. Except for one thing i just have to complaint. THE WEATHER! omg. damn bloody hot. Just under the sun for few hours everyone got sun burn. *cries*

oh no! my mum bought back new drama series.

~ to be continue ~