Monday, December 1, 2008

black all-over

supposingly, this post should be up in the afternoon but instead, i went with a date with San, Trac, Adeline & Nikki to catch a movie - Twilight. hmm, throughout whole show, adel and trac is like kena rasuk hantu. Everytime the Edward face is on screen, they will start "OMG! SO hot! so leng cai.. arrgh... yer, i want him. OMG!" haha! damn swt right. This movie is OK LAR! not bad to watch but not really that amazing. anyhow, its the best movie i watched during this few months.


i officially proclaim myself as a blackie now. Damn it.

i thought i would use my whole month holiday to get myself as fair as before i went to pangkor trip BUT BUT BUT~ arrgh.... as u all know, i've been to Malacca with my friends - Jess, San, Sian, Trac, Ben, Philip, Yeem, Amelia & Ming Sze.





The 2 days 1 night trip is very enjoyable. Except for one thing i just have to complaint. THE WEATHER! omg. damn bloody hot. Just under the sun for few hours everyone got sun burn. *cries*

oh no! my mum bought back new drama series.

~ to be continue ~


Shin Mei said...

what drama has ur mum bought ?

purple_star_88 said...

haha.. she BROUGHT back not BOUGHT. =p anyway, its the dong shan piao yu xi guan qing.

Shin Mei said...

haha..typing error~ har ? dong shang....??? DVD ar ?