Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Letter.

To my dearest lappie,

How are u doing lately? I know u must be having a hard time now alone in the dark. Its ok. I promise u this will be the first and the last time i'm doing it. Ur feeling too sick right now and i really dun have the time to take care of u. The thing is, u have to find a good doctor, get to know what is wrong with u and fix u up! Don't worry. I'm sure u gonna be even better than before. Perhaps this process may take up to 2-3 weeks but i'll wait patiently. Take good care of urself. I'll miss u.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Arrgh! It's way pass my working hours but i'm still sitting in front of my computer in office. Why? I'm stranded. I can't go get my car which was parked far away with the rain storming down. =(

Lesson learned : Bring umbrella or get ur friend to have one. It's so bloody useful.

Connie right now is just sitting beside me munching off my Nips. She claims that she is so hungry so i pitied her and gave my only left over snack. Rachel, the manly one..... always refuse to show her feminine-side still standing by the road, with her hair all blown messily by the strong wind..... we both didnt dump her. She did!

Omg, the rain doesn't seem wanna stop anytime soon. Can someone plz pray together with me? Hmph. Tell me what am i going to do while waiting..... *yawns*

I need some entertainment now. Who is willing to strip dance in front of me? LOL!