Saturday, May 27, 2006

teachers day

~ hAppY teAcheRs' Day ~

bla.. bla... bla.... the start of the morning is boring!! well, all speeches!! although me, jessica, tracey and few others where not at the assembly place, we were playing volley ball... haha.. but still can hear quite clearly!! haha.. the performance is really nice actually. i just realised that seafield students have so many different talent. even teachers too!!! seafield teacher is so cool!!!! haha... [ most of them ] ohh...!! talking bout talent, i just watched the first ever episode of " one in a million "......... i'm wondering did they made the show just to get paul moss a job?? haha... its the same whole thing la.. really. BORING! but at least the winner get one million ringgit unlike malaysian idol..... got just the title and one record contract. so phethetic. HAIHZ....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


~ why do i ever agree to go form 6 ??? ~

aiyooo.... very stressfull la!! how... just came back from school... today we have orientation with the upper 6. nothing much really, just played games the whole day.... eat pizza.... quite fun actually if u compare with studying but i trust most ppl people will just like to stay at home... sleeping, studying or whatsoever. haihz.. only one week is gone and i'm so tired right now!!!! i'm back as a prefect... YES... YES... YES... dont really keen to join back but what 2 do? found out that form 5 cert is not counted as u apply for a place in university!!!! shit! anyway, i'm now officially in the "six form society" haha... that's what they called us now... still thinking on what to join for my cocurriculum. haihz... same old thing lo... maybe BOMBA??? haha... i'm getting more and more busy as the hari kantin is coming...!! again!!! [school needs money, i guess.. they always do] and i'm one of the AJK HARI KANTIN... so... aiks! ohh!!!! i got in the AJK of MPT5&6!!! haha... isnt it so cool and fun???? i'm in charge of the publicity!!! oooooooo......lala..... so, there comes my form 6 life. WELCOME!!! [ i love u ] haha. tuitions! tuitions! studies! studies! activities! activities! books! books! ARRGHH.......... why do i ever agree to go form 6 ????

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

~ da first DAy of school a.k.a. FORM 6 ~

i have to wake up at 6.20am in the morning today for school!!! arrgh... this sucks man! i've been sleeping all my life after spm and now its going to change!!! "sniff" this is so sad.. still havent forget what happened on F1 yesterday night... [ i'm half way through considering whether to support alonso from now on.. since kimi dissapoint me so much! ] and yet, i have to get ready for school.. and worst ----- wearing the form 6 uniform!!! my goodnesss. haha! at least there're some days i got to wear baju kurung. I was actually scared when i step my first foot in the school until i saw few others new form 6 students looking even greenier than me... haha! they're only 4 classes for the lower six. 6E till 6H. i got in 6E. most students are in my class. not many chooses art stream... [ subject i'm taking are biology, chemistry, mathematic T, pengajian am and MUET ] since its just registration, we finished bout 9.30.. went home and slept later on. haihz.. cant blame me... tmr there's orientation.. i dunno what's that for, maybe the school is affraid someone is going to get lost in the BIG school. Ohh, anyone knows where to get good stpm chemistry tuition? i need it ASAP!!! arrgh...

Monday, May 15, 2006

happy mother's day

~ Happy Mother's Day ~

celebrated mother's day yesterday, together with my friends!!

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splendid dinner!! haha... cooked by me & mynn dee!!! [ speggethi with preggo sauce, garlic bread with mushroom soup ] the ikan bilis and the pot of potato chincken is prepared by hui wen!

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3 mummies!!! haha.. possing with cards made by Y.J. & J.R.... together with cake freshly baked by Me & Mynn Dee... [ i'm not joking, but of course with some help from mynn dee's aunt ] dessert would be the beautiful Jellies!!! wahhhhhh...

Monday, May 8, 2006

Saturday's Diary..

~ Saturday's Diary... ~

8.30am wake up!! get ready for my first and ever FORM 6 tuition!!! [ sub: pengajian am ]
10.30am melissa & ming sze came to my house... waiting 4 tracey's dad to fetch us to ktm station.
10.35am jess called. she was waiting at the ktm station and none of us were there!! sorry dude.
11.00am finally, all 5 of us where at the ktm station. got tickets to kl central.. [ cost: RM 1.70 ]
11.40am reached kl central... the ktm was so pack!! we got to stand the whole journey.. ooh!
11.45am bought tickets to pasar seni [ cost: RM 1.00 ]
11.50am got up the LRT.
12.05pm oopss..! where to go now? we managed to reach Petaling Street where the tuition center should be in one of the building named Pik Peng... [ sounded something like that ] but got LOST in Petaling Street. shit! its all jessica's fault. we took the wrong turning. *aiks*
12.15pm after asking for diraction, we were there!! and what we heard bout the tuition center is so so true. there are definately MORE than 100 of students per class!!
12.30pm class started. teacher introduce to us what PA is all about. actually, if there is no exam for this sub, i'm going to love it. its very interesting!!!! REALLY!!!!
2.00pm class over! omg.. my stomach is making so much noise!! i'm HUNGRY!! we ate at the restaurant beside the tuition center building. i got myself ASAM LAKSA. *yum yum*
2.30pm finish our lunch. since we havent bought li huei birthday present... time to go "shopping" haha... we really struggle on what should we buy for her..... At last, we still got her a HUGE piggy!! omg!! its so cute... wished i could hug it 4eva... haha....!
4.30pm time to go home.... home.... home.....
5.30pm as we couldnt get anyone to fetch us from the ktm station, we have to take BUS! [ cost: RM 0.70 ].... i hate sitting on the bus... mainly because i sat beside a lady... who is talking all by herself... and her HAIR!!!! seriously long.....!!!! LONG!!! as the wind blow, her hair keep hitting my face.... difficult time for me... *sob* and melissa, tracey keep laughing!! @_@
6.00pm ohh, got away from that lady!! ming sze and melissa.... 2 big bums!! lazy to go to li huei's party... so, its just me, tracey and jessica. everyone wash up and time to go PARTY!!! hehe...
8.00pm tracey fetch us there... omg, Li Huei's house is huge!!! there're so much food. FOOD! [ ex: lamb, prawn, sushi, rojak, nasi lemak, fried rice........ many many many more!!! ] really have a great time there.... THANKS li huei.....
12.15am home sweet home.... i'm so tired..... just drop myself on my bed and SLEEP!! zZZzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz