Saturday, May 27, 2006

teachers day

~ hAppY teAcheRs' Day ~

bla.. bla... bla.... the start of the morning is boring!! well, all speeches!! although me, jessica, tracey and few others where not at the assembly place, we were playing volley ball... haha.. but still can hear quite clearly!! haha.. the performance is really nice actually. i just realised that seafield students have so many different talent. even teachers too!!! seafield teacher is so cool!!!! haha... [ most of them ] ohh...!! talking bout talent, i just watched the first ever episode of " one in a million "......... i'm wondering did they made the show just to get paul moss a job?? haha... its the same whole thing la.. really. BORING! but at least the winner get one million ringgit unlike malaysian idol..... got just the title and one record contract. so phethetic. HAIHZ....