Tuesday, July 4, 2006


~ " FUN " biology with Teacher X ~

biology is not my subject and its getting worst this year!! not just the content that u have to cover for examination, my biology teacher is not helping at all!!! trust me... she's not.
She is the most "funny" teacher i've ever met!!! she's the "cutiest" teacher i've ever laid my eyes on!! She's just speacial!!!

What she do & say in class :

1. you guys are REALLY smart!!! and u all can use both sides of ur brains so well huh? talk and write at the same time~ i wonder how u all do it....
2. ohh, there's a ques, some camels have one hums some have 2, what do u call those who have none???? ................................ HORSE!
3. most of u ppl here, ur english is very poor, i'm good enough to write down all the notes for u all to copy, u all better appreciate it.
4. MY name is not JAMES bond, i am HYDROGEN bond! "swt"
5. HAHAHA... this is so exciting!!
6. after teaching on the board with a long ruler, she just turn around with it and shouted, SUPERMAN!
7. told us there's once she went to a restaurant to eat cholesterol FREE prawns. [ students wondering where the hell u got cholesterol free prawns ] and... she just simply said... "its FREE because i dont have to pay for it".
8. JUST cant type anymore....

i cant stand her anymore.... SAVE ME from her class....
need more information bout this TEACHER X, plz call me at my hp.