Saturday, July 22, 2006

exam finish

~ ExAm ~

hurray!!! my first ever exam in 7 months is OVER.. got all stress up the whole week.... i .. me... FOO SHIN YEEN actually study for one whole week just for this monthly test!! its not my fault ok... u should know how i feel if u were in my shoes. My classmates are all GENIUS & HARDWORKING.... ...omg..! u should see how they study... i feel like a total dumb in the class. there is time when i really want to cry... *sob* ... form 6 life sucks!! i shall see what's my result going to be... and i WILL NOT study last minute!!!! [ i wonder how many times have i said this??? oh, forget it! ]

haiz.. supposed to go out yam cha with friends but.. too lazy la... prefer to stay home... tmr only go have fun!!! oh..shit. prefect installation tmr!! arrgh!!