Friday, April 9, 2010

Yet another.

I'm back home. Subang again, last night. I wont be going back to PJ soon i guess since i'm having my study break now. (Unless i decided to be hardworking and go for extra class next week) Hmph~

Well, during study week ur suppose to STUDY. (am i right?) hahaha.. But nah, i tend to slack even more. Rather use the time to sleep, eat, play, do anything else but study. So, screw study week!!

Urgent! How do u turn off ur lazy mode? I need some serious user guide for this.

Right now, i'm sorry if i have to say no to u if u ask me out. Especially when i have the mood to read. (final exams determine half of my future weihh....) But that depends. I need some breaks in between too! Don't wanna go crazy during this few weeks. Hahahaha!

After 1.30pm on 04/05/10 , u can call me anytime. I'm done with my Year 2! *jumps*

Yet another year of my uni life. Sign of stepping into the working society is so freaking near.

p.s. : Happy Birthday my dear Amelia Chan Jiat Hee! I love u. *xoxo*

Friday, April 2, 2010

Two Hundred In Less Than 10 Minutes

Ok, i think most of u wont understand why i will put that as my title but for the SOME of us. We definitely know every bits of it and feel the pain..... LOL! What an April Fool day right??

Ok, this afternoon went for Clash Of The Titans with my love ones! - esther, bee, rachel, connie, quinn, jason, fei & philip! Its been so long since ALL of us went for a movie together! YAY!


I like this movie. Although i seriously think its rather similar with Percy Jackson. Hahaha.. I feel like watching it in 3D again. Some parts are kinda scary la... But the reactions given by Esther and Bee was...... terrifying. HAHAHAHA! Even have to resort in covering eyes with popcorn. Cute rite~ oh! The guy is so hot in the movie.... arrgh! Lurve

Alrightttttt...... Thurs night was a nice hanging out session @ KL. Its actually sort of like a Post-Assignment celebration for the IT students. Glad that my darling dun have to suffer late nights for assignments anymore! (but the rest of us....... sigh....... long time more to freedom! )

Went Tony Roma's at Pavilion for dinner.

- fei, quinn, me, esther -

- philip, xn, bee, rachel -

Few shots on our dinner last night!








Shit. Making me hungry. But i wont be having Fries anytime soon!!! Thanks to Tony. LOL~


After a HEAVVVVVYYYYYY meal, we decided to stroll along outside Pavilion. For a better digestion! grrrr~ course, never let go a change to take some photos!



- for sale! Any taker? hahahaah... joking! -

Since the night is still young, all of us happily skipped ourself to chill out at Rain Forest!



Really had a great time there. Music wast bad either. Guys, we going again during Rachel's 22nd right? hahahaha... *wink*

Oppps, dad calling me for help in Plants vs Zombies. Got to go!