Friday, April 9, 2010

Yet another.

I'm back home. Subang again, last night. I wont be going back to PJ soon i guess since i'm having my study break now. (Unless i decided to be hardworking and go for extra class next week) Hmph~

Well, during study week ur suppose to STUDY. (am i right?) hahaha.. But nah, i tend to slack even more. Rather use the time to sleep, eat, play, do anything else but study. So, screw study week!!

Urgent! How do u turn off ur lazy mode? I need some serious user guide for this.

Right now, i'm sorry if i have to say no to u if u ask me out. Especially when i have the mood to read. (final exams determine half of my future weihh....) But that depends. I need some breaks in between too! Don't wanna go crazy during this few weeks. Hahahaha!

After 1.30pm on 04/05/10 , u can call me anytime. I'm done with my Year 2! *jumps*

Yet another year of my uni life. Sign of stepping into the working society is so freaking near.

p.s. : Happy Birthday my dear Amelia Chan Jiat Hee! I love u. *xoxo*