Sunday, May 9, 2010

Its holiday but i'm sick.

Its the 5th day after my finals. Arrgh. I'm suppose to be enjoying but just too bad. I have to be sick at this time. I hate fever. ISH! Looking at com screen actually makes my headache worst but nah, i couldn't care much. Just wanna at least post something up here. Didnt wanna wait anymore since now i'm sort of just bumming around at home....

So, updates? Hmm.. Oh my. My last post was exactly a month ago. April 9th. Well, better late then never right. Finals, nothing excited about it. But its going to be the last i'm taking this year. Next semester i'm not going for classes anymore but having internship at IBM. Do find me lunch if ur somewhere nearby Damansara Uptown ok? Its kinda mix feelings for me lah. I always wanted to work but part of me still thinks a student's life is the best. Sigh. Guess no matter what my mind thinks, everything still have to follow the path i've chosen. Anyway, all the best for me myself and i. First day of work on 1st June which is still weeks away. Let's not go into that topic first shall we.

Hmm, few weeks ago i'm just busy with assignments and studies of course. Still manage to draw some time hanging out though. I couldnt let my life to be seriously-totally DRY right? LOL! Cut the crap and just some pics update ok.

Part 1 - Amelia's 22nd Birthday!





Its not a big celebration i know, but hope u like it my dear. Wonder what is ur bday wish? Get 4.0 this semester? Anyhow, hope throughout ur 22, u get the best of everything!!! Love u.

Part 2 - Elaine's 22nd Birthday!





Hey gurl, got miss my egg tarts not? LOL! May u be blessed throughout ur 22 too!! Xoxo~

Part 3 - Ah Xian's Dim Sum





Ok, to be honest.... I won't recommend any of my friends to dim sum here. Unless u never eat dim sum in ur entire life, u can try but i dare say u'll get better, tastier dim sum some other place. The day was such great disappointment for the 6 of us. We were so anxious to try out the so-called famous dim sum but arrgh.... what a dismay. Even the shop main dim sum - the lao sha bao, we have to force each other to finished it. The rest of the dim sum, a bigger and louder sigh. Texture of the siu-mai, fish ball etc really suck. Only thing we find it delicious is the nuo-mai-gai. Credits for that.

Next post will be on something more recent. Hahaha. Still need to continue unpack and repack my stuff. Sigh~

p.s. I realized i chopped my hair too much. =(