Monday, May 10, 2010

Post Exam Party!

Before i start bla-bling on my stories, i would like to wish all moms' a Happy Mothers Day. Ok, i feel superb bad and guilty for giving my mum such trouble on this day. Instead of giving her at least a day off, she needs to take care of her sick daughter which is - me. Sigh! Sorry mummy. I'll ganti back a better celebration for u k? Or i help u cook dinner for 3 days lah! Good? Hahahaha. I got another idea. Tmr morning i help u sweep the floor and mop the floor! =p

*ohshitwtfomgwtharrrghhh* i suddenly remembered something!!!!! DAMN IT! I think i put my jeans into the washing machine! This is not what i'm screaming about. My movie tickets is inside!!!!!!!!!! Emooo emoooo emoooooooooooooo =( How can i be so careless. Slap me! =(

Sigh. Forget it. Totally spoiled my mood. Happy thoughts! I need happy thoughts now!!

I'll just post pics up to make myself happy.


All these cam whoring pics taken last Tues where i have no idea what happen to Federal Highway. I was stuck in the lane for more than one and half hours! I practically going mad in the car alone! Ya, from now on i'll try not to drive alone. I hate driving alone. Its so freaking boring!!! Can u imagine listening to Justin Bieber - Baby like 3 times or Jason Derulo - In my head for like uncountable times?? U get my frustration right? Hahaha.....

Oh well, i was actually heading to Pyramid meeting up with my girls. Its been so long since the 4 of us hang out! Was seriously short of time the whole semester plus we're now in different majors which means we only get to see each other during dinner. Ouch~ Nevermind. We still manage to cope with it. *wink*


Decided to have Papa Johns for the night.


Miss their garlic bread weih. Lets go have tea the next time alright?



Darling went back to Johor today. Hmm.... gonna miss u. *hugs*


Love this pic of baby. And cant wait to go Redang with u and Rachie Mama!! weeett~ Remember bring ur bikinis back to the beach!


Okie. Still not in a good mood. Head starts to spin adi. Goodnight everyone. Will continue with my post tmr.